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Hello Dear,

How are you feeling today?

I want to talk about the reflection page in my Poppy Planner and why I added one.

A reflection page is essential for someone who suffers from depression, like me. It’s a page to remember all the good things that happened and what things I was able to do or complete that month.

With this page, I wanted to reflect on the good things that happened and lift my vibrations to think about more things that I could have done to make that month more enjoyable, filled with more positive emotions. You see, I believe that we dwell enough on the negative and not enough on the positive. So if you are a person who gravitates to the negative, this will make you look for the good.

I know, for me, it’s vital to remember the good because I can go down the rabbit hole of life is crap and I’m not getting anything done, and life is passing me by, and no one loves me.

Because there is always room to grow, I have loads of space to write what went well and then go deeper into what I could have done better and why and how the situation could have gone better.

There is a place to write down what you are looking forward to next month. I made this because I wanted to think up things to do. Usually, I would leave it blank because I would say, “I don’t know, there is nothing important or exciting going on in my life. I can’t do this or that because OF THIS OR THAT.” But asking the question, well, what can I do to make it way better? What can I add to my life to make that month special? For example, could I go on a date, meet up with friends? Play a new game, order myself a new colouring book or pens?

If you want, you could go over to the space to write down what you are grateful for first. Being grateful might help lift your mood up, even more, to be then able to write out what you would like to do the next month. Remember, the more things you can find to be grateful for, the more happiness and appreciation you will have for people and objects in your life. It’s all about upping your vibrations.

Go back over the month’s weekly pages and find those happy moments; the more you look, the more you will find the smallest pockets of happiness. Write them down and enjoy the feeling of happiness spread through your body. Feel your feelings and put a smile back on your face.

Happy reflecting my dear.




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