Welcome to my world

Do you feel stuck and want something new and exciting in your life?

Your kids don’t need you as much as they used too and you have more time on your hands. Taxi mum, hotel mum, do these names sound right? Closed doors, loud music and socks on the floor….

The day you have been waiting for has now arrived.

It’s time to think about you and your desires, the dreams you have been putting on hold.

Can you even remember the dreams you used to have? Are they hidden deep within? Are you afraid that once you start to dream that you might rock the boat, wake up the giant?

Let me help you find those dreams again and not be afraid to throw the no-more-needed overboard. Let me show you that you can have both, happy family and your own independent life.

I’ll not do the work for you, but I will hold your hand and help you come up with ways to get ashore, show you ways to help you cultivate those hidden ideas. Give you tools to help you uncover the solutions to your problems.

With a little magic, a pen and a notebook we can start on your new adventure.

Let’s start writing the next chapter of your life!

Let's be social!

Hi, I'm Susan!

I’ll be your guide on this journey within.

Like you, I’m always on the lookout for an easy and better life. I like to make life simple, or I should say simplify my life and tasks.

I like to read, journal, play around with new pens and create new routines that will help me achieve my goals.

I don’t like the word Time Management because we can’t manage time only ourselves. Plus it’s way overused.

I suffer with depression from time to time and find it hard to get the most straightforward things done without a plan and my journal. I’ve been through this before, so I know it’s just a season.

Let me show you the steps I took and am taking to better my life and do more of the things that I love.

I would like to give you new ideas and maybe a push or two to using a planner, paper and pens to help you change, grow and simplify your life.

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