Why keeping a Diary my save your friendships

Hello my Dear,

I hope this post finds you healthy?

Today I would like to talk about the good old Dear Diary type of memory keeping.

You know, the ones we used way back in 1989. I remember walking around Woolworths for hours trying to find the perfect diary. Nights sticking in notes passed to friends throughout lessons, or little love notes I received or the ones I wrote but didn’t get to send because I was way too scared of rejection. My diary didn’t reject me; it sooked up my words with no complaint.

There is no shame in keeping hold of your 15-year-old self who desperately needed to talk to someone and turns to her/your diary. Even as an (Oh my goodness, just a few years and I’ll be heading toward 50 😭) old person, I still love to turn to my diary to find hidden answers. I don’t always like to listen to other people’s advice or thoughts on what crazy things are going on in my head 🤦🏻‍♀️ so you see, I use it often.

The name dairy has changed to Journaling or Morning Pages in the planner world, but look; we can’t all be up to date with all these names changing now, can we? So use the word that fits you best.

Why is it a good idea to keep a notebook with all your thoughts?

Let’s look at this from your best friend’s point of view.

She’s going to like you more if she doesn’t have to listen to your relationship problems over and over again. You know the issues you keep going on and on about none stop. Who but your diary will put up with you complaining about how he left you for no reason, and he never picked up his undies and always left a mess in the bathroom? You just don’t understand why he’s gone because you always cleaned up after him. Hmm, girlfriend, that might have been the problem right there; you ended up being his mother. So do your friend a favour and write shit down.

You know it could even be you complaining about this Covid lockdown that it’s gone on way too long and that you are sick of it. Yep, we are all sick of it, but there is nothing we can do right now, is there? We have to wait until things are back under control. There is nothing she or you can do about it; it’s out of your hands. So there you go, the perfect problem to tell your diary.

Here’s the thing, what you are feeling are your own personal Real problems, and you are allowed to have them and voice them. I know that not everyone will feel the same about your concerns and not want to listen to you or give you the answers you are looking for. So why not turn to your diary and write these problems all down, pour your heart out onto the pages. Find your own solutions to your problem between the lines of your trusty notebook. You can go on and on about how crazy the world is right now and that you feel like politics are crap, and they are doing everything wrong and so on. You can fill up a whole notebook with your thoughts on the topics.

Hhhhhmmmm, time for a disclaimer !!!!

IF your problems are way too hard for you to handle, and they are eating you up from the inside. Please go out of your four walls and find HELP! Talk to your doctor, tell them how serious this is, don’t downplay it! No notebook can help you out of the situation you are in. Talk to someone who can help you. Ok, promise me you will get help.

Back to writing out your everyday problems

It’s good to vomit crap out onto the page; this is the perfect outlet for it. You can write how you really feel about your relationships and the state of your living space. That hubby left loads of dirt in your car, and you found it as you were getting ready to do the weekly shopping.

How could he???

You’ve told him time and time again to clean out his mess and always have a second pair of shoes with him, but does he listen? Nope!!!

I hear you, and so does your diary.

But there are other problems that your pen can help you with

  • Like writing down what you love about this lockdown and all the things, you are going to do when things start to open up again. The coffee dates you and your friends are going to go on.
  • All the things you are grateful for and are enjoying at the moment
  • All the new Netflix programs you were able to watch because you didn’t have to go to boring old business dinners
  • All the self-care things you could finally do because you had loads of time to do them

There are so many good things that you can journal about; it doesn’t have to be all bad stuff. There is nothing wrong if you want to dream about your life or if you want to have a good old complaining section. The cool thing is that this diary will not tell anyone your deepest darkest secrets.

Whatever you decide to write on your page, don’t censor yourself. Just go where your pen and thoughts want to take you.

Over to you

What do you call your diary? Does it have a name? Do you like to write more positive things or what’s heavy on your mind? Please, leave your thoughts down below in the comments. I would love to hear from you.






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