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Hello Dear,

Finding your own planning style in the wide world of planner supplies isn’t easy. Also, the many suggestions on how to plan can be overwhelming. That’s what makes it even more important that you find your own style. So I’m just going to give you my take on things, maybe you can relate or just take away an idea or two.

New Year New You

OK, so now what, do you have to wait a whole year to start over again?

Na, use every month as a new start. A new makeover.  You can do anything in a month, go to new places, change your mood, move houses, or just create a new room for yourself. and forget about the crapy month that just passed. All you need to do is plan it out and take a step in the direction you want to go.

Do something today that will make your life better tomorrow.

If you want to feel like you in control of your life, that you have things in order, then the easiest way to do that is to take out a large monthly planner. Decide today how you want to feel this upcoming month, what you want to accomplish in the next 28-31 days that we all have and start planning things out.

You have control over the way your life is going, only you can change things! Don’t believe the voice in your head telling you that you are stuck,  because it’s lying to you. Or that you can’t do something because you have kids, hubby, boss holding you back. The truth is, only you can hold you back.  If that voice holds you back from living your best life, then please do get help to quieten it and change the way it talks to you. Mental health problems are real!

I love to start the month with a large overview

I use my A3 size month on 1-page to plot out all the things that are going on that month. I like to have the whole month laid out before me, I see each block of space as a new beginning. A new day to create a stronger me. If you open up your planner and look at your monthly layout. Look at all those empty boxes that you can fill up with things that you would like to do. Look at all the space and time you have at your fingertips.

I always start by writing down all the birthdays that I could go to if I felt like it. All events happening that month. I can plan my weekend away and date nights. I also add in ME days! Shopping with friends or reading days. Not forgetting the pet health days.

The good thing about the monthly layout is that there is never enough space to write down all the tasks that you have to do. This leaves you open space to create the life that you want and not want other people expect of you.

After filling all important dates, appointment, I then move onto the whole week in my everyday planner, not one day at a time but I’ll tell you all about that next time. For now, just remember you are in control of your time. 

Start each month new.

Happy planning






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