Let’s start Journaling

Hello, Dears,
I do hope this post finds you well.
Today I would like to talk about journaling and show you how easy it is to start one.

If you have followed me for a while on Instagram or read my older posts, you know that I love journaling and that I recommend journaling to everyone. Journaling has been a big part of my life and has helped me overcome crappy situations, it’s helped me clear jumbled up thoughts and solve problems.

How so?

Have you ever tried concentrating when you are mad about something completely different to what’s in front of you? You know you are trying to work on creating your next masterpiece, but you are just not in the right mindset. You have this anger in the forefront of your mind, and there is no space for any other though. You are walking through what was said over and over again, and it’s driving you crazy because you wish you would have said something else.

What I do in this situation is take out my journal and write down why I’m angry and what happened to make me so mad, who frustrated me so badly that I can’t think of anything else. What health issues am I going through, why I feel so down or why I don’t feel like leaving the house. I go on and on until it’s all out in the open (on paper). This helps me free up space to think more clearly and move on with my day. Sometimes, well let’s stay honest, all the time, I end up writing about what’s taking up most of my thinking space which then leads to why my cat always has to jump up on my book while I’m writing, to coming up with the solution to the problem I wanted to solve in the first place.

It’s like having to cut through the roses to get to free Sleeping Beauty.

Starting a new journal

I know that starting a new journal can be quite intimidating. The new notebook that you hold in your hands is a blank canvas for your thoughts. It can be scary to put, pen to paper, and these thoughts might be going through your head…

  • That you might be writing the wrong things down.
  • That you have nothing important to write down just a load of rubbish.
  • Your day is so boring nothing exciting ever happens, so what’s the point of writing that down?
  • You have so many problems, that you don’t know where to start. And can writing it down help?
  • Are there any does and don’t to journaling? Am I doing it all wrong?
  • How do I even start?

The most important thing that I would like to convey is, that you can never say/write/draw anything wrong in your journal.
It’s your journal, you can talk, use any language you like, even mix up two languages if you can’t find the right words in one. I do this with English and German.
You can cry, shout, scream, laugh, tell funny stories. You can even draw your feelings if words fail you. You can talk a load of crap and say things that you wouldn’t tell your best friend.

Let me ensure you that you Do Have Interesting things to tell your journal

And that you will never know the benefits of journaling if you never try it out.

Getting started

You can start your journaling like this…

Dear, Diary … There you’ve started 😉

I like to start off by writing down the date. Then breath, then just start by writing the first thing that comes to mind, even if it’s …
“I have no idea what to write. I was told that journaling is good for you but I have no clue….”

If the above suggestion doesn’t help you put pen to paper you can also imagine talking to your notebook as if it were a friend, or a fairy/ Angel or your higher self, or even to Mother Earth. If it’s something you are into.  Whoever you choose to talk to, if it helps, do it.
Something like….
“Hello Susan Dear, nothing much happened today but, I found this lovely coloured pen…I know how you like to use colour. I was thinking of you while picking it out of my stash…”

Again, don’t be afraid to talk rubbish, don’t be too shy to write about the prince finally finding you in your sleep (or any other sexy dreams you may have)
Write about your happy days and your sad ones. Tell your journal 20 times that you want to travel to Paris and your partner will not take time offa work to take you. You could write down your dream of walking through the streets of Paris and sitting in a café watching people walk by.

Try it and then tell us how you felt writing your first entry in the comments below.

Happy Journaling



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