Hello, My dear.

I do hope this post finds you well.

I want to get back into manifesting and connecting with the universe. I would like to get in touch with my magical side, the dreamy witchy me. Over these past weeks, the desire has grown to where I feel deeply that now it is time to start bringing all that I love back into my life. I want to start with scripting good things into my daily routine. 

To help you understand what scripting is, I would like to give you my interpretation.

Scripting, as I see it, is writing down your desires as if you have already received the things, feelings, and items you wish for. It is picturing your dream life in your mind and body, and these feelings and thoughts flow onto the page. To describe how you are living your life filled with abundance. Write about what you see while sitting on the beach, journaling how your day has gone so far. The feeling you have when you open your bank account and see that you are debt free and there is money in overflow in your account talking about how you handle your money and what you spend it on. What it’s like to wake up in your dream house with the people you love. What it looks like, how you have decorated it and your plans to add to the garden area and so on. 

The outcome is similar to gratitude. The more you are grateful, the more you attract to your life. With scripting, you are sending your wishes to the universe. In turn, the universe will give you what you wish for. I know it sounds way out there, but the more you believe, the more you will receive. It’s like wishing for a hybrid car and adding this to your dream board, and a few days later, this is the car you see more of on the roads. You are attracting what you want to have into your life.

 I used to script how I wanted my day to go.

I would journal everything I had going on and how my day would be simple and easy. My kids were going to wake up happy and get ready for school with no problems. That my school day was going to be fun-filled with song and laughter. That afternoon teaching was going to fly by so quickly. I would write that for any person leaving my services; another two students would take their place. This worked; not shitting you; I would write this down in my planner every Month, and it worked. I believe it. 

This is how my new start to scripting went. 

I found the perfect notebook and wanted to start writing, put pen to paper and froze. I didn’t know how to start or what my desires were. I had to understand why I wanted to begin scripting again and what I wished for. So I journaled out my why.

My why

I want to get back into scripting my day because I want abundance to flow again. These past three years, I have been in a state of survival, trying not to harm myself and trying to see things in a positive light. To not be so depressed, put on weight because I’m just not moving or going out and meeting people. Even walking the dogs has felt like hard work.

But now, I feel more energy to live the life I want, to turn my world around a get back the joy I once had.

That’s where scripting will be a big part of this recovery. I am no longer depressed all the time. Instead, I see the beauty around me and want to enjoy life more. On my terms, mind you.

Putting pen to paper and not knowing how you want your life to be is crap.

So I turned on my meditation app and searched for manifestation. During the meditation, I started to see what I was longing for. I could see in my mind’s eye and feel in my body my new life as is. Not way off in the future but happening now.

After the meditation, I was able to start journaling. Sitting down and writing out what I saw myself doing with all of my abundance felt magical. 

Will this all work out? 

I know it will. With my mind shifting in the right direction, I see this working out, writing down my future, getting clear on how my future feels, and implementing steps of feeling the abundance around me now. All this will help in creating the life I want.

So let’s recap my first-day scripting.

It was hard; I had no idea what I wanted to happen around the corner until I took a guided meditation. I found my mind shifting back into believing that all things are possible. I reminded myself that we have been through this sceptical phase before, thinking all this new-age stuff is a load of crap. Reminding myself that I have tested manifestation in the past, and it has worked. So we (me, myself and I) don’t have to go down the path of a nonbeliever again. The faster we switch to believing, the easier life will be, and the quicker results will come.

I will keep you updated on how my scripting is going. I do hope that you try out scripting with me and tell me how it is going for you. 


Happy Scripting


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