Setting up Notion

Hello Dear,

I do hope this post finds you well.

This past month I have been working on setting up Notion for my hubby. 

What is Notion, you ask? Well, I call it a digital notebook and calendar all in one. It’s more than that; here is the link to Notion, which will explain things way better than I can. 

Why we are using Notion

You see, hubby was paying for a digital app that was meant to help him run his business and employees, which at first glance wasn’t a bad idea or thing to do. It’s the planning, and as you know, I very much believe in planning.  So, in the beginning, I was all for it.

I set the program up for him, and to comply with his wishes, I left him to use it. 

Well, we know where that led…Yep, him not using the bloody expensive program for months!!!

So, I cancelled the subscription. 

I got mad at him (hmmm, if you know me, then you know how mad I got about the wasted money that I could have used on stationery). It wasn’t just the wasting of money; it was the not planning that got to me the most.

A planner girl can only take so much.

 I sat him down (he’s way taller than me, and I needed to use the boss’s voice ) and told him that from now on, I was taking over his business planning. Let’s face it; he should have let me do it from the beginning. What was he thinking???

Because hubby wanted something digital (I still don’t understand why)but I went on a hunt for products that would help him. I found cool ones and tried them out, but there was always something missing, or I knew it would be too complex for him to use.  That’s when I decided that I should go back to something I sort of know and have played around with before. 

Setting up Notion

Setting up hubby’s very own Notion took me down a rabbit hole on YouTube. I downloaded templates to try out, then got mad because I had no idea how to use them. So, I took my own advice and wrote in a new journal, which I will use for hubby’s business.

 I started asking myself my why’s.

  •  Why was I looking for an app for him to use?
  • What was this app meant to do?
  • How was it meant to help with his business?
  • What bells and whistles did it need to have?

After writing everything down, I was clear on what was needed. No more looking online to see if I could find a perfect template. 

To help me create what we needed, I turned to Skill Share for help.  

 Here is my link to Skill Share, which will give you a month for free to try it out.

I watched Dr Ali Abdaal, a big productivity pro, over on the Tubs; he showed me how to use Notion and helped me set up my first pages. After setting up Hubby’s Notion the way I wanted, I sent him some YouTube videos to watch. It’s way easier to have other people explain how good something is than when I tell him.  Do you have this problem with your partner, them resisting your help at all costs, or is it just in my household? 

To shorten this all up a little, he loved it, thought it was a good idea and then went on to tell me how cool it was going to be. Then I opened his ready-made version and stunned him. Thank goodness I had most things set up for him. We spent a day setting things up and using it. He has his version on his Android phone and his iPad.

After helping him do his planning, I can understand why he only uses his paper planner at home. The planner would be in a worse state than it is now, all jokes aside. When he’s out and about working outside, he wants quick and easy access to his planner. He mostly always has his phone on him and technically can look to see when he would have time and even write down notes. But let’s be real. He will look but not write down anything, I get the call, and I write it down. Mondays are our planning day; he’s in the office most Mondays so we can do a quick reflection on the past week and forward tasks that were unable to get done.

Please Remember

Not every planning system works for everyone. There are loads of planners and apps out there that you can try out. They only work if you know why you want to use them and how they will help you. So before you go out and buy the newest planner, think about your why.

Hmmm, yes, talking to myself here as well. With the planner season coming up, it’s going to be hard not to buy everything.

Have a lovely week.


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