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me-kindergardenHello Dear, Susan here!
Your Sparkling Planning Diva.
My story with planners starts way-way back. To when a planner literally saved my life. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for it. Exaggeration? Nope.

Let’s jump back in time, to the horrible years I went through depression (upsetting to say that it never really goes away). It was then that I realized how powerful it was to have a little paper tool in my hands. I was committed to getting out of my suffering and having a structure to hang onto. This kept me calm and centred. And so my journey to recovery began. I carefully sketched my days out on paper adding to my calendar the minimum necessary to keep mine and my family’s head above water. In between those obligations? Plenty of time to let my depression come out to “play”. Meaning plenty of room to allow the sorrow and sadness to come through so I could process it. My planner became my precious friend. It became my comfort blanket. My lifeline. It told me when to get up to do things around the house and when to get the kids to school. But most important of all it showed me I could take my time to heal myself and hide under the covers because all was taken care of. I knew that by following my own structured schedule those who depended on me were alright. I was still there for them. My planner allowed me to not let the sickness affect my children’s lives and slowly, I was able to pick myself up again. Over time, using my planner as a solid rock to lean onto. I was back to my old brave and cheerful self.

That is why I deeply believe planning your life out on paper is life changing.

You just need to know how to use it for your specific situation, lifestyle, and goals. That’s why I am here. To invite you, my dear, to get on this journey with me. To meet that new, beautiful and more centred version of yourself waiting at the tip of the pen.

Click right here or the image below and let’s get your planned life started

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Welcome to your new life!

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