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Can you relate to this?

  • days go by and you feel more overwhelmed by tasks accumulating and projects unfinished
    you overbook yourself and are tired of calling people again to reschedule
  • business trips are always put together in the last minute and are oh-so stressful!
    at home things get done but always in the 11th hour
  • parents school meetings always sneak up on you
  • laundry never seems to be done when you need it
  • oh, bake fairs! What, tomorrow? You had a whole homemade pie planned for it!
  • you’re babysitter is always late but who has time to find a good one these days?
  • you know you are an awesome mum but feel you could be more present for them and their after school activities
  • you feel drained, without energy completely exhausted at the end of the day
  • and not to mention – romance! How to get that hubby-cuddly sparkle time back?

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Now imagine this scenario:

  • you are on top of your tasks and projects are running effortlessly on schedule
  • appointments are reasonably scheduled and you know you will not miss one
  • you feel supported at home and you don’t have to do everything by yourself
  • you are eager to attend after school activities and parent-teacher conferences as you will learn more about supporting your kids at home
  • at the end of the day you feel accomplished and fulfilled AND you even have time for a movie with hubby
  • yeah, romance is back on! It is a regular part of your life now.
  • you have more free time to do the things you love
  • and that’s just the beginning…

I can help you accomplish all that! Seriously. Dreamy but real.

In our 1:1 laser focused sessions I will go over your current situation, what is working, what is not and create a plan specifically tailored for YOUR needs to get your life rolling easily and smoothly.

And it works!

In their words:

When I first reached out to Susan, my only hesitation was if I would be able to make planning work for me. I didn’t have any type of schedule or plan for my life or for my business. Now, thanks to Susan, I have both! 
The best things about working with Susan were the support and down-to-earth advice. I gained insight into how I wanted to move forward, and we worked on a plan to reach my goals. 
I’d definitely recommend working with Susan if you want more structure, greater clarity, less stress, and loads of support and accountability. Susan has awesome ideas and suggestions, which she presents in a very sincere and friendly way. I’m just so grateful for all Susan’s help and support!

Kirsten Rosetti, Life Coach – UK


Susan really is an organising diva. I got so many useful tips from Susan during our coaching session together and I was mind blown how simple, but powerful they were!
Every woman deserves the time for fun, play, self-improvement, relaxation, self-care and a great professional life and Susan is the right person to work with if you want to learn how to knock down everything from your to-do list and still find the time to enjoy your precious life!
I would recommend Susan from the bottom of my heart and I promise you will not regret money or time invested in coaching session with her!

Danijela Jokic Vaislay, Life Coach – New Delhi, India


I did feel a little hesitant about working with Susan. I wasn’t sure of what I was getting myself into and I didn’t want to put myself out there to possibly be criticized about how I use my time.
The relief in realizing that there was no criticism only her focus in just helping me formulate a plan. I feel better having actually chosen priorities, so that I can say ‘no’ to some things that I thought were necessary and out of my control.
Susan is funny and warm 🙂 very down to earth, non-judgemental, and helpful in figuring out a flexible plan to achieve goals.
I would recommend her to anyone having trouble setting and achieving goals because they are not in control of their time.

Nina Cuellar-Barry, Life Coach


I had no hesitations in working with Susan, I’ve been to sooo many Diva Parties that I knew all about her planner skills & personality, (could have been a little less cheerful!!  LOL!!) Before I started working with her I was disorganized & stuck!! I am now better organized planner wise & on track with my projects!!
Her ability to drill down & sort things out & then the amazing & effective plans she has, help.  She is encouraging and yet kept me on point!!  Her printables are exactly what I have been looking for, the vertical week on 2 pages printable is to die for!!
I would not be as far along as I am without her expertise & support!! Plus of course, the big sick she belts me with from time to time!! 😉

Jae Bradford, Life Coach



I am committed to seeing you more relaxed, focused and fulfilled in your day-to-day life. This is an intensive work. I give my all to each and every client and expect commitment and dedication from your side as well.

Ready to get your goals accomplished while feeling relaxed and stress free in the process? Fill out the questionnaire below and we'll go from there.



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