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Hello Dears,

I am back with some more Planning Projects goodness!

Hope you have been able to get more clear and more confident accomplishing those important projects of yours.

A quick recap of what we covered in the Project Planning Series:

  • We have chosen a project
  • gave it a deadline
  • found the reason why it hadn’t been done
  • broken the project into manageable steps
  • added these steps into our planners
  • started working on them!

Now, breaking a big project into smaller steps and/or overcoming that real reason you have been postponing can be easy as drinking water or as hard as changing the car oil. (Yuk! Don’t even know how)
If you are in the first category and insights came through regarding your blockages and the baby steps were scheduled easily as a piece of cake, oh goodness, you are SO good to go and I am SO happy I could help you!

On the other hand if you my dear, got stuck overcoming your reason to procrastinate and/or could not find a way to make your project doable and {worst!} to add it to your schedule , I am talking to YOU!

I am here to help you. SO keep on reading.

As you went through the Project Planning series did any of those situations come up:

  • you have more than one project to finish and couldn’t decide which one to focus on
  • you have no idea what a “doable” deadline means in your case
  • you couldn’t dig that deeper to find your “why” OR
  • you found what is stopping you but couldn’t figure how to overcome it
  • breaking down the project into small steps never seemed to make the steps small enough
  • your current day-to-day life is crazy! How would you possibly add anything else? Even if baby-steps.

PLUS on a regular basis, project or no project in mind, you feel like:

  • days go by and you are more overwhelmed by tasks accumulating and projects unfinished
  • you overbook yourself and are tired of calling people again to reschedule
  • trips are always put together in the last minute and are oh-so stressful!
  • at home things get done but always in the 11th hour
  • parents school meetings and most kids’ related activities sneak up on you
  • laundry never seems to be done when you need it
  • other people’s priorities seem to take over your life yet it is never enough
  • you feel drained, without energy completely exhausted at the end of the day

Now imagine this scenario:

  • you are on top of your tasks and projects are running effortlessly on schedule
  • appointments are reasonably scheduled and you know you will not miss one
  • traveling is actually exciting (as it is supposed to be!) because the planning stress is over
  • you feel supported at home and you don’t have to do everything by yourself
  • you are eager to attend after school activities and parent-teacher conferences as you will learn more about supporting your kids at home
  • clean clothes are not a luxury anymore!
  • you have a trusty support team at home – including a always on time babysitter that LOVES your kids!
  • at the end of the day you feel accomplished and fulfilled AND you even have time for a movie peak with hubby
  • yeah, romance is back on! It is a regular part of your life now.
  • your time management is in tune to not overbook yourself
  • you have more free time to have fun and do the things you love
  • you are now in control of your day
  • you have more time for family and friends
  • feeling relaxed at the end of the day because everything is working smoothly
  • no palpitations in the middle of the night because of something you forgot to write down
  • being more focused in the present moment
  • better eating habits
  • feeling healthier – mentally, emotionally and physically
  • traveling for vacation and actually relaxing and enjoying it
  • PLUS being able to tackle any big projects that come your way from now on!

I can help you accomplish all that! Seriously. Dreamy but real!

Here is how I come in to help you.

  • Finding that important project to tackle
  • Find your real reason of being stuck and get passed it
  • Put your fears (Gremlins!) to rest
  • Help you break your project into manageable steps
  • Brainstorm new ideas and systems to get it done
  • Make an action plan
  • Add these steps into your planner realistically
  • Walk you through those steps
  • Hold you accountable for each step so you don’t fall off track
  • Celebrating with you when your project is completed 🙂
  • All that while sorting out your current day-to-day routine to make sanity be a sustainable way of living. Peace is back and you are feeling amazing about everything you have accomplished.

A little bit more about the topics we will cover:

Why are you in this cycle right now?

  • Things took time to develop and just stay the way they are. We will tackle the main issues that are holding you back from planning, organizing your life and most importantly finishing that project!

Choosing a planner

  • what planner system works best for you and your project {analog, digital, combination of both and which kind of each}
  • How to implement the system and keep it running

Organising how you spend your time and what does your average day look like

  • every portion of it we will record, observe and adjust to make it work for YOUR needs.
  • build a routine around that ideal schedule for you

Learning about the crucial tool to go through the days without feeling burned out

  • that will open up room for free time {remember that?}, friends, family and the so longed romance!

Those are a few of the topics we’ll cover in our Mastermind Group Coaching.

Why is a Mastermind relevant to move you forward?

Let me give a very enlightening explanation from one of my mentors:

“We all know that two heads are better than one…..So imagine having a permanent group of people ...who meet once every week...for the purpose of problem solving, brainstorming, networking, encouraging, and motivating each other. This process, called masterminding, is one of the most powerful tools for success...I don’t know anybody who has become super successful who has not employed the principle of masterminding.”
                                             Jack Canfield The Success Principles

So imagine going through all the process of getting the sanity back into your life and all your important projects done PLUS

  • meeting people in the same boat as you and understand what you are going through
  • having buddies accountability
  • The group dynamic
  • making a difference to other members through your own experience and support you are cheered on by others in the group
  • watching others and yourself grow
  • always feeling supported and encouraged throughout the process even when you can’t see it for yourself
  • seeing things in a different light and finding out-of-the-box solutions through other people’s eyes
  • making new friends
  • having others who understand what you are going through while tackling your project and your fears (I call them Gremlins)
  • plus brainstorming with more peeps is more fun!

This group coaching is one of a kind!

It’s new, it’s tailored to your needs, it’s full of energy and it’s been offered only for you my fellow Divas!!! That’s right, only my awesome subscriber list is receiving this first time ever coaching program AND with a special BETA pricing.

Which means once the program is out to the world the price is never going to be that low and the cozier feeling of creating together something new will never be the same.

So how does it all work?

  • We will meet once a week for 6 weeks
  • Meetings happening via Skype
  • Meetings will last 1 ½ hours
  • Mastermind groups will have between 3-6 people
  • You will pick one project you would like to work on (I will help you pick one if you need)
  • Worksheets to help you throughout the process
  • ME live in our meetings, answering questions, giving you guidance and creating a planning blueprint that fits YOU, YOUR schedule and YOUR lifestyle.
  • a secret Facebook group only available to members so you can keep in touch, accountable, connect with me and other members in between meetings and of course cheer each other along the way!

PLUS my dear Divas, get an extra bonus by joining this first BETA Mastermind:

1:1 coaching with me!

As we just can’t get enough of each other we will meet just you + I to sort out anything you’d like about Project Planning, Time Management, System Creations, etc.

Better yet, you don’t need to rush! You can claim our 60min together any time up for 2 months after joining the Planning Project Mastermind Group.

Couldn’t get any better than that, could it? 🙂

My doors are now open for you to join in on our Project Planning Mastermind group where you and like-minded women will get together to accomplish goals while making the process feel easy, fun and stress free.

Your Investment?

BETA group pricing : $125

That’s right! $125 for all 6 weeks of coaching + your juicy 1:1 bonus!

Meaning less than $3 a day to shift your life from chaos to blissful control AND get those projects done!


Ready to join us?

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After your payment is processed you will receive (within the hour) a welcome email with more information about next steps as well as a separate email receipt of the transaction.

I am SO looking forward to work with you and can’t wait to see your smiley face getting the sanity back into your life and your projects done. 😉


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By the way, the BETA pricing goes down soon. Don’t let it pass by!

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