Where is the pause button? Creating Easier Goals to tackle while depressed.

Hello, Dear,

Grab yourself a cuppa and let’s talk a lot about me ☺️ and what I’ve been going through.

Over the past, goodness knows how long, I’ve been stressing myself out about life and where I’m headed and also what goals I’m going to pursue. Not an easy task to do in this day and age after our world has changed and we all have to live, kinda, differently.

The hardest part is, life still moves on, even with depression or loss it still moves on. There is no pause button to press.

But how do we move on and create an enjoyable life with all the restrictions we have in place right now?

A very good journaling question!

So I took that question and answered it by saying that I was only going to look at my little world and space and create goals and tasks to help me feel like I’m doing something, creating something, moving forward.

And yet, here’s the problem, large goals freak me out, which makes me want to stop doing them before I’ve even started. So I’ve decided to change things up a little and make my goals very small, also to do them in small bursts.

It’s like small sprints of time or energy to get things done, then move onto something else or watch Youtube

🎶 This is how I do it (singing to Backstreet Boys) 🎶

What I do is pick a goal for the week,

  • something like moving all of my crap from the upstairs flat into my flat.

Because that task/ goal was like, way too big, my personal mountain, I had to tackle it by moving it one stone at a time, ok one box at a time.

  • the next problem was what to do with all my crap?

My flat is way smaller than the house I was living in. Just by looking at my closet space, it’s the smallest space I have ever had to work with!!!  So, to help me out a little I would watch YouTube or Disney + feeling the frustration of living in a mess and empty a box and put the things away in its new place or bin it.

  • the other mountain I’m working on is weight loss.

The problem with that is as soon as I think about it I go find something crapy to eat. So I changed up the goal gave it a new name “Movement” and came up with small steps that I could do to add more movement into my life.

Changes like; while brushing my teeth I started with 10 squats which has now moved up to 40 squats now that my knees are stronger. I have also started working, reading, watching stuff while sitting on the floor. This is also adding in more movement because it’s harder to get up from the floor than it is from the sofa. It’s all about the little things that turn into fun things that help me add movement to my day. I go for little walks with my pup Grace multiple times a day and then a bike ride for her last walk. I’ve started adding “Super Foods” into my water and coffee, I’m less sluggish and boated so I feel good from the inside. The one that I’m enjoying right now is the “Gut Feeling Mix” I drink it with water before my first coffee.

So, my Dear, this is how I’ve been handling my goals/ tasks. I’ve been keeping track of them in all of my three planners. Why three you ask? The more I write things down the better I can remember what I’ve done or what I have to do that day, plus I get to use all my planners and pens and my new stickers.😍

Now it’s your turn to tell me how you are feeling in the comments below

I hope all is well with you and yours,


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1 thought on “Where is the pause button? Creating Easier Goals to tackle while depressed.”

  1. You are right, little by little, yet 3 planners would stress me out!!! One planner one life for me. However, one must stick with what works personally, so if 3 works for you, then 3 it must be. Like you, I de-stress a bit by re-naming tasks/projects more positively. I too freak out at big projects. Thanks for the blog, enjoyed it very much. xxxxx


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