The Poppy Planner

Hello, My Dear,

I hope this post finds you well.

I want to introduce you to my new Poppy Planner.

After creating planners for friends and family, I thought it was high time to create a planner designed for my needs. As you may know, I have been in many different planners over the years, so I kinda know what I want and need to help me plan. SO I sat myself down Iand wrote out everything I wanted in my planner and why I needed it.

What I needed:

  • More space to journal
  • Goals setting areas
  • My top 3 tasks of the day
  • Room to write down steps needed to achieve the goal
  • Reflection pages
  • Ample space to hold my different to-do lists
  • Word of the year
  • Vision board
  • Mind map
  • Monthlies
  • Yearly overview
  • Weekly planning

Since my fight with depression, I needed to plan differently. I knew I loved the larger sized planner like the Happy Planner Big. However, because I didn’t need to leave the house to go to work anymore, I only used my planner for writing down doctors appointments. In my mind, that’s a waste of a planner.  So I had to find a new way of using it. First, I thought I would stick a load of stickers down so that my planner looked full, but the stingy part of me couldn’t do it.

I started writing down my tasks and found that a task-orientated planning system was the way to go.

I still needed to journal out my thoughts to help me move into action, and I was still scared of enormous tasks, so having more space to write out my steps was important.

So let me show you my Poppy Planner.

Here you can see the Priority List. I use this to house my most important things to do for that month plus the reasons why. Here I start writing out the steps I need to take to complete the task or goal.

Next up we have the monthly to-do list that you can divide up into different categories. I like to write a list for other people todos. A list of things I need to create for customers and what I need to print out. The other side could be what I want to buy, household to-do and so on.

The yearly overview can be used in many different ways. I thought of writing out my yearly tarot cards, pulling a card for each month and writing about it there. I could just have my birthdays listed out or like the bullet journalers, have a future log. So far I’ve written down when my 2023 planners need to be finished in which month and for who.

The inbox is a space you can just flip to and write down notes that don’t have a place in your planner just yet.


Monthly Goals

Poppy Planner goals page

This Page comes before the Priority list. Here I write down all my ideas. What I could do that month if I wanted to. Then I pick 3 goals and then write down why I want to do them, so when I’m lost I can come back and remind myself why I chose that goal.

Then I write down who could help me complete these goals. Remember, you don’t have to do things all on your own to be able to achieve your dreams. Can a friend help you or your partner?

On this page, we also have a self-care section. This gives you loads of space to write down ideas for self-care and once you have taken care of yourself you can then tick it off your list.

Then there is a small place to write down what you would like to learn that month. We are never too old to learn something new.


This planner has way more sections but to keep this post kinda short I will tell you all about them in the next post. Plus I promised myself that I would write once a week and this post is already late.

If you have any questions then please do leave them in the chat below

Happy Planning Dear, and see you soon.






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