The planners I will be using in 2022

Hello, my dear,

I do hope this blog post finds you well.

2022 is just a few days away and I wanted to start on one of my goals which is to write weekly posts.

I would like you to hold me accountable, yep I am putting pressure on myself. If I don’t write a weekly post then please remind me over on Instagram.

There we go I have that out of the way, now to the main topic of this post.

Which planners will I be using in 2022?

Here is my planner list;

  • The Poppy Planner
  • Magic of I planner
  • mini Happy Planner
  • Kitchen family planner
  • Colouring book of Shadows Planner for a Magical 2022



For a closer look just click the pictures

My Main Planner

The Poppy Planner is the one that I made to fulfil my own personal needs. My ideal stay at home planner is not quite A4 sized and is housed in a Happy Planner folio.

This planner has a lot of journaling space and a place to hold my top 3 tasks of the day and the little steps I would have to take to achieve them. I have space to hold my appointments and household stuff that need to be done from time to time. I craved a large area to journal the goals I want to achieve for the upcoming months and how I was going to get them done. I wanted a vision board and an inbox, a word of the year page, a yearly overview page to be able to write down important dates and when my planner creation deadlines.

As you know I love journaling so I created this planner to have the space to hold my thoughts and ideas. Every month I wanted to reevaluate my needs and picture how in a perfect world I would want my day to go. So I created a monthly journaling page to write down how I imagine my morning routines and work schedule and everything in between.

Journaling out goals and dreaming big is the thing we Pisces do best, To get dreams out of my head and down on paper and taking the steps to achieve those dreams is an important step I often missed out on in the past, then wondered why things were so hard to achieve. That’s where my top priorities list gives me the space to write as much or as little as I wanted to. With the idea to write my why I want to complete these tasks, goals, dreams.


I needed a habit tracker, a place I could reflect on at the end of the month to see if the habits I chose were the right fit or not. Do I need to pay more attention to said habit, do I need to change some things up and how many days in a row have I forgotten to take my meds?

We know the power of Gratitude so I wanted to challenge myself to write one thing I was grateful for daily, Oh boy, I have just noticed that I only have a 30-day Challenge and some months have 28 or 31 days, not just 30, oh dear, I will have to change that very soon.

The pages I use the most are the Monthly to-do lists. These pages follow me around throughout the weeks, which means take them out and move them to the week we are in. I write down all the things I have to create for other people, what I have to print out. I have a section called other peoples to-dos here I write my’ hubby do’ stuff plus tasks that I would like my Sarah to do. The best thing about these pages is that every month I can decide what I want to have as a main topic or category.

My second planner is the Magic of I planner.

This upcoming year I want to learn a little about astrology and what effects the moon and stars have on me. To do this I ordered the Magic of I planner which has loads of info on the topic.

It has taken me a while to figure out how I want to use this planner and I have come up with the idea to write down the important things that have happened that day. I have a space where I can write down the tarot or oracle cards that I pulled that day. I’m thinking about adding in my mood to see if it has any connection to the stars or moon? This planner is so new to me, I will have to get used to the layout and read up on all the little symbols (yes, I know I am not using the right terminology)

To go with the Magic of I planner I have the Colouring book if Shadows Planner for a Magical 2022

Colouring book of Shadows Planner for a Magical 2022

I loved the 2021 book of shadows and I didn’t really use it as a planner but a colouring book with the information I could use to up my knowledge on the Moon, wheel of the year and so on. I used this book mostly in the evenings to wind down while watching YouTube or Netflix.

I was so over the moon when I found out that Amy Cesai had a new planner and with the topic, I wanted to study in 2022. So I just had to order it from Amazon

My Kitchen planner

It’s a 5 columns month on one-page planner I got at our local chemists for free. Here hubby and I can write down our appointments. We each have a column, our pets have one, hubby’s business and then our houses and birthdays share.

My last planner is the Happy Planner mini


I want to use this planner as an everyday carry, for when I leave the house to go shopping, visit my doctors or the vets.

I had this undated Happy Planner for years and I want to use up my stash. My Poppy planner is way too big to carry with me and I’m not using Hobonici weeks this year. But I’m not sure how long I will keep this one or what I will add to it. Let’s see if I do end up missing the Hobonichi weeks way too much.  


There we go those were my planner line up for 2022

I will go into each planner in a later blog post and maybe even a video???


Over to you

In the comments below please tell me about your 2022 planners. I love knowing which planners others will be using and why.

Have a lovely day and happy planning




Disclaimer: there is an Amazon link to a Happy Planner insert and the colouring book of shadows. If you do use this link then I receive a very small commission, which hopefully one day will help pay for a planner or two.

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