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Hello, Dears,

Just a quick recap if you didn’t get to read last weeks post.

The reasons why journaling is so good, is that it frees up space in our minds so that we are able to find solutions to problems. Also to let go of worries and see things clearer, to come up with new ideas which unfold on paper. To get your day started off right with all the things you would like to do that day (or the following day). The next step was to look over your journaling and highlight your to-dos.

Here are the 5 steps to planning

Step 1. Journal
Step 2. Highlight your to-dos
Step 3. Prioritise your to-dos
Step 4. Schedule them into your planner
Step 5. Do them

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Ok so now that we have the Journaling and highlighting done, your page is full of things you need to do. Next step is to write

  1. down all your to-dos on a new piece of paper or in your planner/notebook
  2.  number the most important tasks in order of importance.

Now, bear in mind step 2 is no easy task to do if you love lists and feel good when crossing things off.  These tasks make you feel as if you have done loads, which you have, but more than likely they aren’t the things that will get you further towards your dream life. Don’t worry I do this more often than not, just to make myself feel better.  Did they take me a step towards travelling to Paris? Nope, but I did highlight a done item.

You might feel that you have way too much on your plate and that you would love to just crawl back into bed. If that’s you, then take a look at your list and use a red pen and start crossing stuff off that can wait, or delegate.

Always ask yourself, is this really something that I want to be doing? Is this something that will bring me a step closer to my goal or dreamy life. Remember what you wrote in your journal, about how you really want to spend your day. Was it really spent cleaning up after your kids and picking undies from under your daughter’s bed? Or was it to sit down and write a page of your book or working on your website?

Did you write in your journal that you wanted to stay indoors and work? Or did you want to work on your story outside in the sun listening to the birds singing? Is phoning up 10 clients going to get you a step closer to your dream vacation or is folding the washing? You choose!

I know all these things need to be done. But do you have to do them or can your daughter? Do you really have to take the dog for a walk or can you son? Do you really have to fold your kids washing if they aren’t going to be put away in the cupboard, or can you pass these tasks on to someone else?

Know what’s important!

My aunt once told me years ago, that, as a woman, you have to learn to be selfish! I thought she was crazy when she told me that. Put yourself first she told me. If you don’t, no one else will. Oh and bugger she was so right.

Know what you want out of life, remember it is also your life and you have the right to live it the way you want to. At the time I thought she was crazy, my kids come first and what will the neighbours say? It took me a while to understand that she was right. If I wasn’t going to put my dreams first who was?

Not just that, my kids benefited from my so-called selfishness. I was able to make more money and they were able to do things that other kids their age couldn’t, like change bedding. My son came home from a school trip with more money than he left with. He was the only one able to put sheets on his bed and made money helping his schoolmates. He was so proud of himself, my little entrepreneur. This is a few years back mind you and my little man has grown up to be a man who knows how to clean and cook and make good money.

So, know what you want, your reason why you want it, then schedule your day the way you want it! Never feel bad for wanting a good life, never feel bad for wanting more out of life. Have your schedule reflect the way you want to live life. Have your priority list do the same.

I know it’s not easy to change things all at once. Just a little at a time. Jack Canfield said do your 5 things every day to get to where you want to be. If 5 things are too much just do 1 to start off with. 1 thing a day to get to the life you want to have.

Start with your to-do list.

Cross all the crapy things off that you don’t want to do. Believe me, you will feel better. Then do the EAT THAT FROG by doing the most important thing first. You know the one that needs to be done but you will hate doing it. Once it’s done you can go off and do the fun things that are on your list.

What no fun thing on there????

Then go back to your journal and find that fun thing you have always wanted to do. For me, it was walking the dog in the woods. I have been wanting to do that for years and never got around to doing it. When Collin, my fur baby died a few years back, I promised myself that I wouldn’t wait any longer. I know walking in the woods doesn’t sound like much, but for me, it’s a place to remember, a place to find peace. But there was always something more important stopping me from going. So on a Sunday morning, I took Edd for a walk in the woods.

Since then I have done loads more things that make me feel good and I have prioritised them. I have started writing a book, I have made a planner for my friends and myself that I love to use. My website looks way different and reflects the newish me more, and loads more things have happened around here. Just you wait and see.

Have they taken me a step closer to my dream life? Yes, they have.

Your Turn

Time for you to prioritise.

Happy planning Dear, if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments below.





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