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A small tour of my outside office

Hello, Dears,

I love a good outdoor workspace and I have created some really nice ones in my time. Here are a few from the farm and where I live now.

April is the time when I start to set up my outside workspaces, it’s when the weather starts to warm up and the sun is out more. It’s not always warm so sometimes I will have to take a blanket or a sleeping bag to keep my feet warm.

I love to pick something sturdy from my bag collection or basket collection and set up a work bag, so I don’t have to run in and out all the time, oh, and not forgetting my water bottle and a lovely cup of coffee or tea.


Beach Chair


We bought this lovely beach chair a few years ago after coming back from a cruise. We thought our garden could use a nice reading area that will shade us from the sun and prying eyes and protects us from the wind. The cool thing is that you can move it with the sun if I want to work on my tan.

What I love about working outside is the feeling of peace and listening to the birds. Yes, we do have the odd car or tractor pass us but that can’t be helped. I get to spend outdoor time with my pets to tank up vitamin D and to breath in the pollen-filled air. When my butt starts to hurt I just get up, put on my gardening gloves and pull a few weeds, believe me, we have loads of them, no matter if it’s on the Farm or my place.


My space in front of my door

This is where I like to hang out in the mornings, I let the pets roam around freely and I do a little journaling. This bench is new, it has a small table in the middle that can be pulled up or folded back down so 3 people can sit. We do keep it up because I mostly sit there I do need that writing space. I get a good amount of sun in the mornings and by lunchtime, I get to use my other seating areas.



In the short video from a few years back

Below I take you outside to show you the lovely view of the farm and a small peek into my work bag.


 Over to you

Do you have an outside workspace? If you do please share photos or links to your photos

Have a lovely day

Happy planning





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