Journaling your way to a perfect schedule

magic happens when pen touches paper

Have journaling help you with your planning

Hello Dear,

I know it sounds far fetched, but Journaling can help you get organised. You just have to know what questions to ask yourself. Also find the real problem behind, say, you’re always late to meetings. 

It’s just as simple as… Getting all your thoughts and feelings down on paper. You need to know how you feel about your life and what you would like to change in regards to your planning out your day.

There; no big secret!

Is it really that simple?

Yes, it is, but it does take work. You have to get in touch with your inner thoughts. Have them out in the open (well on paper). What bugs you with your time management?

Sort the crappy stuff out and start to change the things you don’t like and add the items that you want and need in your life to your planner.

Ok, so let’s say you’re mad at someone or you miss someone.

Write about it, journal all about why you are mad or what you miss about this person.

The next step would be to ask yourself,

  • what can I change about this situation?
  • Would a heart to heart talk do the trick? If so, then schedule a call.
  • Do you have the feeling that you need to go out and meet more people? Then phone up a friend and schedule a night out.
  • Is it a work-related problem that you want to solve? Then you also need to journal about it.
  • Are you working too many hours? To how many hours would you like to reduce?
  • Do you hate your job, or feel like all the projects you have to do are way too much, and you are overworked? Then journal about it. See what you would like to change, is there a solution inside of you, something that you would like to do differently?

Journaling your way to a perfect schedule



How you could do the journaling part

“I’m working way too many hours, and I’m tired, and I miss my kids. Now if Sara would pull her weight more, I would get home on time. If only I had someone to give my running tasks too, then I would have plenty of time to do……”

So you see, now we know that we have to talk with Sara. If you could get Sara to do her work, you could leave earlier.  Or you leave Sara to do her thing and give running tasks to someone else. This would make your life easier and take off some of the load and coming home late problems. 

Write down how you imagine your day going after your talk. Picture this…  at 10 am you have enough time to take client calls, go to the Dr, have a lunch break on time… be home on time. 

That was just a little example of journaling out your problem and finding a solution that will work for you. Scheduling time to journal, which means blocking off time where you know this is for you and your thoughts. Writing down all that is bugging you, will move you into change.

Journaling, a way to scheduling your day

Just imagine that this simple task could be the first step to freeing yourself up to do other tasks or giving yourself this much-needed rest.

What’s bugging you?

Please leave a comment below and let’s start helping each other now 🙂





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4 thoughts on “Journaling your way to a perfect schedule”

  1. This is an awesome blog post!! You really hit the nail on the head!! Oh, I didn’t realize that you had added things to the Diva’s Toolbox!! I just downloaded everything & that 2017 calendar on two pages is going to be really helpful!!
    Thanks for all the time & effort you put into this site & your passion for journaling!!
    Hugzz ~ Jae


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