Family Planner Part 3

Family Plammer Part 3


Hello Dears

Welcome back to part 3 of the 3 part Family Planner series

It’s Your turn!

Time to make your own Family planner.

Okay Susan how do you do that?

Good question.

I’m not going to lie it wasn’t easy.

The not so easy part was to get myself to finally sit down and make one.

Then it was to find out what I or we needed inside this planner.

I started off by shopping for a binder.

A girl needs her binder Right!!!
It needed to be one that I liked or I would never have started it.

You know if you don’t like the feel of things you will not touch it.

I also knew that the inside of the planner wasn’t allowed to be boring and have no colour.

I like things to be easy and simple so I went looking for printables, to make the job fun.

I didn’t have to go far because I’m a Lime tree fruits member and there you will find loads of useful inserts.

Raine from lime tree fruits has made inserts and dividers just for myyyyy binder!!!!

( Me being me, would say that they were ooooonly made for little old me.
But that would be a lie. 🙂   Me and my ego. It helps to say that, and gets me started and working a lot faster).

There are lots of free inserts you can download from other sites that will help you fill the information into your planner.

You could even look on Etsy.
Or head over to my Pinterest you will also find some there.

Keeping the cost low

If you want to keep the cost down, the easiest way to do that is to make your own inserts and dividers.


Family planner tabs


Just write the information down on a nice piece of paper and place it behind a divider which you have made from scrapbook paper, put a label on it so you can find it again.

If you want to add telephone numbers in your planner you can just cut up a not used telephone booklet punch holes in them and place in your binder.


Moleskine address book


A time saving fun thing to do is place important business cards stuck to a piece of paper inside.

There are lots of ways to jazz up your planner and you should do so if you like.

Don’t forget you might like it all colourful but your husband might not.

So don’t over do it.

Remember this planner shouldn’t take up too much of your time putting it together, it will be used by other family members.
Keep it simple and easy to use.

Get others to look at your finished product

After printing out the pages that I wanted and filling them out, I took the binder to my husband.

Here’s me proud as you can be, thinking I had it all done and looking nice.

Then he say’s there are things missing.

Hhmm 🙁

So we sat down together and I wrote down all the bits that he wanted inside.
We added things that I would have never thought of.

Another thing is, Team Work!!

As you see it’s good to work as a team on this because remember it is a Family Planner.

Why should you have to do all the work thinking up all the items that need to go inside on your own.

Your family needs to know that you have made one and what’s inside or there is no point in having it.

Also it’s a good bonding time for you and your partner and to go over the what ifs.

Think about adding the other family members into the conversation after you have made the base of the planner and put it all together.
Older children also have good ideas and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Learning Experience

Making this into a Family project with your older children will help them get ready and plan for the future.

Where are they going to learn these things if not at home!

Let them see that they are in safe hands and that it is normal to talk and plan for the future.

Talk about the what ifs.

What if mum goes into hospital who do I have to call?

What if the electric, plumbing, fire….etc.

I don’t really want to go into the real morbid side of things, but what if worse case happens.

Are you prepared?

It is a subject that needs to be talked about.

Remember it should still be fun. This is something your children will remember doing with you together.

They might even do this with their own children in the future.

If you have older children who have moved out, then make them one for Christmas or birthday.

Think about adding your emergency information in there too.

If you have older parents It also would be a good idea to give them this Family Planner as a gift to.

You could have a parent child moment there also.

Would it not give you a piece of mind to have their affairs all sorted out. Their what if’s? Their contact information in your Family Planner?

Just food for thought.

And now back over to you

Have you started making your family planner?

And if so what inserts have you used?

Thank you for being part of the Family Planner series.
If you would like more of these Planner Blogs, then please leave a comment below.
Tell me what you would like to see. Would love to hear from you.

Always remember your comment might help the next person

Happy planning

Your Susan


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