Diva Planning Party

Hello Dear and welcome to the

Diva Planning Party

Welcome planning Diva

Here the invitation information

* meeting: over Skype

* on Saturday 25th February 2017

* Bremen (Germany) 21:00:00 CEST

* London (United Kingdom) 20:00:00 BST

* New York (USA) 15:00:00 EDT

What you will need to bring is:

  • planner
  • pens
  • paper
  • drinks
  • snacks

Something Extra this time around

A notebook, plain A5 is the best size you can use a Leuchtturm 1917, a Moleskine, or an Artbook
Your book should have 250 pages or more
Sticky tabs to help you find your sections faster
A marker to write on the tabs
Pencil and coloured pens
TO save time, write down the names of your sections on a post-it note


Remember I’m nice, I allow eating in class 😉

Here is my Skype name

so you can add me already and say hello

Susan Williams-Goebber

If you log onto Skype say 10 minutes before the meeting and you have added me days before then we shouldn’t have a problem with hopping on and me adding you to the call.

Right can’t wait to see you there if you do have any questions just pop me an email at williamssue@hotmail.de

See ya


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