The Magic Planner

Hello Dear, Just imagine this scenario… You own the best newest up-to-date planner ever. It has everything that any planner lover could want. It looks perfect, it feels all smooth and soft. The paper quality is to die for. It has monthly and weekly spreads, a pen loop that holds all pen sizes and the closure … Read more

We all fall off the planner wagon

Hello, Dears, I’m going to let you in on a secret that not many planner people like to admit. We all fall off the planner wagon! Yep, no joke, even me. There are times when I just can’t be bothered to open my planner and see what I have going on. There are times when … Read more

Outside office

A small tour of my outside office Hello, Dears, I love a good outdoor workspace and I have created some really nice ones in my time. Here are a few from the farm and where I live now. April is the time when I start to set up my outside workspaces, it’s when the weather … Read more