Hello, My dear. I do hope this post finds you well. I want to get back into manifesting and connecting with the universe. I would like to get in touch with my magical side, the dreamy witchy me. Over these past weeks, the desire has grown to where I feel deeply that now it is … Read more

Setting up Notion

Hello Dear, I do hope this post finds you well. This past month I have been working on setting up Notion for my hubby.  What is Notion, you ask? Well, I call it a digital notebook and calendar all in one. It’s more than that; here is the link to Notion, which will explain things … Read more

Mid-year reflection

Hello Dear, I hope this post finds you well. The third quarter is now upon us, and it’s time to reflect on the past months and evaluate what went right and what hasn’t gone so well. So let’s see how on track we are. Oh yeah, I’m doing this with you, my friend, no way … Read more

My Personal Workbook part 2

Hello Dear, Welcome to part 2 of my Personal Workbook thingy-me-bob. Just like last week I am going through some of my older posts and updating what I wrote. Plus it’s interesting to see what I used back in the day and why I don’t use things anymore. Or asking myself if it’s time to … Read more

My personal workbook

Hello Dear, I hope this blog post finds you well. I was going through my older blog posts and looking back at what has changed in my planning or learning System. I thought it might be a good idea to share these, you and I might find them useful. Why me? Well, I used to … Read more

Entstehungsgeschichte: TeamS 

Weißt du noch? Damals..    Ganz ehrlich und offen erzähltest du mir, wie es dir geht, wie es um dich und deine psychische und emotionale Verfassung steht. Mal etwas wild und laut, so sei es bei dir im Kopf. Aber deine kreative Energie war nicht zu übersehen, man konnte diese kreative Stimme direkt hören.  Ich … Read more

Poppy Planner Reflection page

  Hello Dear, How are you feeling today? I want to talk about the reflection page in my Poppy Planner and why I added one. A reflection page is essential for someone who suffers from depression, like me. It’s a page to remember all the good things that happened and what things I was able … Read more