Why haven’t you finished that project?

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Hello Dears,

Do you have a big project that you haven’t complete yet?

You know the one that is soooo large that you don’t feel like starting. You feel sooo overwhelmed that you want to hide it under the carpet?

Uhm…. you know the carpet that has this big lump, the one where you keep tripping over, you know the one?

Yes, that one.

Well, do you have a plan to get it done?


Let me walk you through a system to accomplish this project.

This is a 3 part series and we are starting TODAY!

NO excuses anymore. It WILL get done!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Don’t be scared, because today your task is easy. (no way to back out. 😉 )

All you need to do is to DEFINE the project, give yourself a DEADLINE, and tell a bit about WHY you hadn’t done it yet.

So grab your favourite pen and a piece of paper and get started answering the Qs:

  1. WHAT do you want to accomplish?
    (i.e. writing a book, redecorating the bedroom, sewing your own cute clothes, etc)
  2. By WHEN will you accomplish it?
    (be realistic! Don’t put the date too far away otherwise the “future” is not tangible enough nor too soon so it doesn’t get too overwhelming)
  3. Write down WHY you haven’t completed it yet.
    (Write all the reasons that have stopped you so far from tackling that project – i.e. not enough alone time, don’t have all materials, lack of funds, etc)

Free Journaling page divided up so you can choose how much you want to write

Download this free Journaling page so you can keep everything together

So get rolling because in a couple days I will be back with the next task to get this done.

By the way, I can send you this series via email so you don’t miss a step. Sign up to receive the whole series by clicking right here.

See you again in the next “Project-Planning” step. 😉


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PS – Extra credit points for those of you Dears that share in the comments your answers to the questions above. 😉

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Why haven’t you finished that project? — 8 Comments

  1. 1. I need to fill out my initial form, gather all the important documents, and finally file for disability.
    2. I would like the entire process to be finished by the end of the year.
    3. I have not even started it yet because I have a ton of anxiety about starting it. Going over traumatic events and contacting doctors who treated me years ago seems totally overwhelming.

    • Hello Andy,
      This is one “H” of a big important project.
      Because you know this and it’s scary I would like to get you started today.
      So here’s your baby step to get you started.
      Please take out your journal and write down what feelings you have about this project.
      1.What is scaring you?
      2.What is holding you back?
      Don’t stop writing until you can write no more.
      I will be talking to you again to see how you are doing.
      Yours Susan

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    • Hello Kristy,
      Do you know why you are stuck? I’m going to say my magic words here 😉
      Journal! Yes, journal why you find it hard to move on. It might be something as easy as “I don’t want to finish, this book because I don’t want to let go of my character.” or “What will I do with myself when the book is finished?”
      Once you have found your reason why then plan out how many words you will write in one day. You could set yourself a goal to write one sentence a day.
      Or join a group. (More info on that later this week 😉 )
      I hope this has helped, if you have questions then ask away

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