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Hello Dears,

I was sent this lovely Business Planner from the planner company Weekview. As you know I have been using their A6 weekview in German for some time now and I’m loving it. So I asked them (Weekview) if they had their planners (A6) in English and to my surprise they said yes. Now, shame it was no where to be found on Amazon.de when I first bought the weekview planner.

Well anyway, me being me, saw that they had a business planner (in German mind) and I asked them if they would send it to me. And Dears here it is. I’m telling you, I love it.

It is built up just like my A6 but as an A5 so loads more space to write in it. The lay out of the week is a wee bit different to the A6 but I have more space so I’m not complaining. But I’m getting a head of myself…..

Here is the Goal page.

Now like my A6, it has goal sections for Personal , Family and Friends, Work and Social, with loads of room to write down your goals in each area.

Then the cool thing is you can schedule your goals into the year below with the week you want them to be completed.

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Here we have the really cool quarterly overview

Now this is where you can get right into planning out your goals or even just to be used for tracking. This being a business planner I wouldn’t say that it was a place to track your water intake but more of a project planning time line. A place to write down your tasks and when you want them done by.

I’ll give you an example:

Say you have a big goal, you divid the goal into smaller tasks. Every task you set yourself this is then logged into here, the start and end date.  Check it off when your done.

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Quarterly Monitor

Here we can get even deeper into the planning. You can now break your tasks up even smaller. Also you can track business meetings, working hours, business trips. If your writing a book you could write down what chapter should be finished and by when. When a blog post is going out and what topic you’re writing about.

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Week on two pages

This layout is different to my A6. But Like I said I love the space. You have space for ideas, your goals of the week, notes and yes the very important To-Do’s divided up into A, B and C.

A being important, B ought to be done after A and C give to someone else hhhaaa no just kidding….or am I? No I’m not. If it lands on C then really you could do without it. You’re not going to die if it doesn’t get done, the worlds not going to fall apart. Divid your to-do’s up throughout the week starting with the A list.

The days are divided into morning, afternoons and evenings. Here you can write down your appointments. Now remember this is a business planner and not a family planner so you will not need that much space. There are 3 lines for each part of the day. So 3 appointment in the morning, 3 in afternoon and 3 in the evening, more than enough. Above the lines you have this large space to write notes or what I like to do is write me to-do’s for that day and how I want to feel on that work day. If I want to feel like I have accomplished loads then I will write that down and see how the day goes.

weekview business

End of the Year Review

Now this isn’t in my A6 (just checking to see if I over looked it….. no I didn’t, all good).

You get to write down how 2016 went. What you thought was positive and what was negative or other way around. On the other side you get to ask yourself questions to see where you could improve or what you thought you were good at. I think this is a good idea. I haven’t seen it in a German planner before. Reminds me of Leonie Dawson and her closing off a year.

weekview business (1)

After the planner pages we have loads of pages to take notes to plan even a project planning sheet. In my YouTube video I show you more so press play and enjoy.

Here are some things I don’t like.

I wish it had page markers / ribbons so I could find my weekly page and quarterly pages. I also wish it had been bound differently,  I don’t think this will last as long as my A6. I think this will have some pages coming out of it’s binding. I do believe that the hard bound will last longer. Now this could only be a problem with my book, I don’t know, so please don’t think that they all will be like mine, because I do think you will be missing out on a very spacious planner. I do miss having a month on 2 pages in this planner a place where I could use it as an editorial calendar.

What I love about this Planner

Now I’m going to contradict myself here but I also like that the cover is soft and squishy. It is wonderful smooth to touch. The pages are soo smooth that you just want to touch them all the time (paper porn 😉 ) It’s a dream to write on with Staedtler pens (there will be a little bleed through with these pens but biro works just fine). There is soo much pace to write inside this planner and can be used in so many different ways. Not just as a business planner is you don’t want it to be. As a student planner, a home project planner.

Weekview get a big thumbs up from me for the inside colour. It’s Red!!! Yep my favourite colour. So thank goodness for that.

Loads of space to write and bullet journal if you like. Loads of possibilities to use this planner anyway you want to, they give you guide line which you can follow, or not.

You can buy this planner over on Amazon.de just follow this link

Well Dear tell me about your planner in the comments below

Always remember you can make any planner work for you. All you have to do is just use it and carry it around with you everywhere.

Have a lovely week


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Weekview Business Planner Review — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Susan-This is a phenomenal post today with the new planner. So glad they sent it to you. Wonderful job of explaining it to us-I think it is one of the best planners I have seen and has a simple, yet really comprehensive layout(s). I love soft covers too-so much easier to work with. And as for creamy, smooth paper, that is the best. Just like comfy shoes-every step taken is a pleasure! With great paper, every letter written makes you want to write in the planner, and really use it. I will check if it’s available here on Amazon (U.S.) I love Tuesday Tips! Thank you.
    Sandy in California

    • Hello Sandy Dear,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
      I know isn’t this the best. I do hope they sell it in the U.S If not then after this review they better 😉
      I’m so glade you like the Tuesdays Tips. I have to get writing March, who knew February would be over soo soon.
      Have a lovely day

      • Hi Susan, Thank you for writing to me on your wonderful blog!
        I am happy to read what you have too offer to us in the way of explaining what
        is important to you.
        You help all of us know what to do and how to go about it!

        • Oh thanks again Sandy,
          I’m so glad that there are lovely people like you out there wanting to know my thoughts on things like paper and journaling oh and planning 😉

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