Visualising your day

Visualising your day to eliminate stress

Hello Dear,

Have you ever had one of these Sunday’s where you lie in bed knowing that Monday morning is just around the corner?
You start thinking about the weekend being nearly over. Picturing the week ahead, you feel the stress creeping up inside of you, and all you want to do is pull the covers over yourself and sleep for 100 years.

I get that sometimes. I feel like where has the weekend gone and why don’t I feel relaxed? I imagine having way too much on my plate and that I will never be able to manage it all. I picture horror appointments in my head and make them bigger and scarier.

That’s when I reach for my planner to calm my mind. I take a look at what I really have going on. This ends up being less than I pictured it to be, thank goodness.

I can’t stand stress.

I promised myself long ago that I wasn’t going to fall in that stress trap. I think it was after reading or listening to Louis L Hay talk about people using the word stress way too often. That it’s a fashionably word that everyone is using.

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So I took a look at how others and myself were using the word STRESS

I found that the word stress was used to say “Hello, how you doing, now tell me how much stress you’ve got going on. Let’s see if we can outbid each other”

The answer was more or less the same  “Hello, I’m in stress. Oh my kids are too stressful. I have to go to a parents meeting, how stressful. I have to go shopping, how stressful.” And the conversation went on with “Oh yes, wait till you hear what I have going on….”

The word stress was used to feel the other person’s situation and what they were going through without saying much. It was also a way to block further deeper questions. No one asks more if you say you’re in stress. “Oh you poor thing, yes I know how that feels now let me talk about myself….”

I looked closer at why I was using the word stress.

Once I found the root of the problem which was, I wanted to be like the others, and have them pity me. I wanted them to know what I was going through.I wanted them to feel me.

But they seemed to out-stress me in everything. THe topic always turned to them.

SO I started to take stressful things out of my life. I started looked at things differently. Changing my mindset. Once I realised that I wasn’t stressed, I was just busy, yes, but not stressed. Even though I was a single mother with 2 kids, I wasn’t stressed.

My kids weren’t stressful, they were lively and happy.

I didn’t want to see things the way others did. I wanted my life to be different to theirs. So I stopped taking part in their stressful game. The “Who has the most stress?” game.

This made life way easier for me. I didn’t get to say much after I said I was doing great,  it just wasn’t what people wanted to hear. I wasn’t in any more.  So I said nothing and watched them and their lives, always saying, thank goodness I’ve stopped playing and started learning a different way of life 🙂

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Visualising your day

How was I going to stop this so called stress from happening to me? Changing the way you think isn’t all that easy if you’ve been doing or thinking it for a while.

Around that time I started using the Jack Canfield method. Visualising my up coming day. Jack recommends that you visualise how you would have liked your day to have gone. Me being me thought why visualise the end of the day, why not start before the day has begun?

Once I had the, walking through my day and picturing how I wanted things to go, I thought well how about doing it for the whole week? And that’s what I now do.

Crazy I know. But it works.

Visualising your week

When it’s time to plan the week ahead, I write down everything I have going on, even simple things like taking the bins to the end of my long drive way.
Once I’ve done my plan I start to visualise my week by walking through my activities one at a time. I don’t go into deep meditation just go through my days and look to see how I feel about them.  Do I start to feel angst, worry that I might have way way too much on my plate, you know going through the day without screaming at someone?

I ask myself questions like, is the whole week full to the brim? Will I have to move things around and take something off my plan?  I’ll then have a look to see if I can cancel an appointment, and add in more self-care.

Is there anything that I can do that will make that week go smoothly? Like pack my bags way in advance,  pack my car with extra goodies, and school stuff, so I’ll not forget them. What will I need for an important meeting? I then have everything ready and left in the car or in the hallway.
I go to bed earlier the night before as a part of my self-care routine.

visulisation blogpost

If there is really nothing that can be taking offa that day or week then I will add in little breaks throughout my day. That way I’ll not feel stressed out or overwhelmed.

You can find out where to add in more self-care once you have finished your visualisation. It’s the place where you see yourself, rushing around, going crazy. Step back and think about self-care ideas and adding them to your day. Kirsten Rosseti has done a wonderful post on self-care link here. With her ideas you can write them on the self-care printable and keep it in your planner. Have it to hand for the 5-10 mins you have free time to do something good for yourself, to not let the stress get to you.


Your turn to Visualise

Go through your week.  One day at a time. Start walking through your morning. What will you need to have ready for that day to go perfect? Will you be using you car to get from A to B or are you being picked up taking a taxi? 

Then walk through your afternoon one job at a time, one appointment at a time. Will there be areas where you think you’re coming up short?  What will you have to do to have that run smoothly?

Now your evening. What do you have going on there? Is there a party you have to go to but you know you’re going to be late? Will you have to phone and tell them or cancel the party all together?

Remember you are the master of Your Planner and Your Time

Have fun with this Dear, remember it’s to help you have a stress free life. As a Start try cutting the word out of your vocab.

How does that feel?

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Visualising your day — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Susan-As always, your tips are wonderful! I will take your advice and think about “the good life” and regard the things I have coming up as fun things-some good choices, right? Thank you for all the good you do!
    Sandy in California

  2. I know what you mean about the ‘stress game.’ People use it as an excuse to be cranky, rude, or impolite, too. You can’t be mad at someone who is so stressed out, right? Thanks for reminding me I don’t have to play, and that I have a choice about how I react to the busy-ness of my life. And planning and visualizing are excellent ways to react to those feelings of “I have too much to do, and it’ll never get done!’ Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  3. Ah yes…..the “stress” game!! I used to be really good at it but I realized the same as you that it was not serving me to play, so I quit & am MUCH happier for it!! Oh, I am busy but never stressed unless I let something get to me on an emotional level like this stupid reunion!! LOL!! Thanks for this great post!! VERY helpful & useful info!!

  4. I very rarely use the word(s) stress or stressed out and consequently, my children don’t either. I think a lot of people feel that the more they can cram into their day and life, even if it was more than they can accomplish, the more important they think they are to others. The pity is that then they don’t have time to enjoy the journey that is life. Do I ever over schedule myself. Yes I do. However, I find on the days I do that, I don’t get stressed out as much are tired. I try to look at it as I’m not running a country or multi million dollar business. Most of the things in my life can wait if something comes up or kids just want to play or hang out. Find the important things and focus on that, without worrying about the other things that aren’t so important.

  5. I absolutely love this idea! Also, I admit that I have been a major player in the stress game. That will stop this week!

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