The real reason WHY you haven’t finished that project yet. P.2

Project planning (2)

Hello Dears,

We are back with part 2 of the Project Planning Series.

Did you finish part 1?

If you didn’t have time yet or you just got here now, please go back to it and finish it first.
It is very very easy and in 5 mins you will be ready for this step 2. 😉

Today we will be focusing on your WHY

Grab your answers to yesterday’s Qs and go back your answer to Q3 and tell me…

WHY haven’t you finished that project that has been lying under the carpet for so long?

You don’t know?

Let’s find the reason now.

Grab your pen and paper and let’s get to…… JOURNALING!

I know what you are thinking…

How could journaling ever possibly help me?

Well, getting your thoughts out of you and down on paper can really help you find that reason WHY you haven’t started yet.

Finding the true reason why you are resistant to finishing this project or even starting it is CRUCIAL to move forward with it.

This will help you identify the problem and maybe even getting rid of the problem or…. the project itself.

Yes, the project.

Maybe it’s something that you feel this isn’t the right time to be doing it. Or maybe the way you are going about this whole project feels wrong.

Journal about it. What is this feeling? What is this feeling telling you? Dig deeper, find that reason.

Are you being pushed into doing something that you don’t want to do?

Or are you just trying to find an excuse to not work on it because….

Are you actually scared of finishing this project?

Are you worried that if you do finish it you will be at a loss?

You could have fallen in love with your characters if you are writing a book and you don’t want to say goodbye and that is why you are holding back???

You might have been working on this project with a group of people for a long time now and once you finish the group fun will be over. No more working together, no more laughs and no more late night brainstorming.

If you do finish something you might not know what to do with yourself, could it be that?

Lot’s of things to think about.

That’s why you are going to dig deeper today and find the REAL reason behind your WHY.

Get writing! Journal it all down on paper about WHY you haven’t finished your project yet.

Now tell me, what is holding you back?

Here a free Journaling page for your thoughts



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(extra-credit again, if you post your answer to the comments below – after journaling your heart out, please! 😀 )

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