The habit of journaling

Hello Dears,

I know that sometimes a new journal can be kinda intimidating, like a blank canvas for your thoughts.

  • You might feel that you’ll write the wrong things down.
  • That you have nothing important to say.
  • Your day is so boring nothing exciting happens in your life.
  • You have so many problems that you don’t know where to start.

The most important thing that I would like to convey is, that you can never say/ write / draw anything wrong in your journal.
It’s your journal, you can talk, use any language you like, even mix up two languages if you can’t find the right words in one.
Cry, shout, scream, Laugh, tell it funny stories. You could even draw your feelings if words fail you.

Let me ensure you that you Do have interesting things to say

I challenge you (starting from today,) to write down one highlight of your day, everyday.

Be it big or small, interesting or not.

Pleeease just play along with me,
If you have trouble starting, then imagine talking to someone you know. That someone could be me, your best friend, a fairy, your higher self???  …..Who ever you choose, you’ll not have this feeling of talking to a book.
Start with a sentence …something like….

“Hello Susan Dear, nothing much happened today but, I found this lovely coloured pencil….I know how you like colour. I was thinking of you while choosing the red….”

You get the picture?

To overcome the feeling of wasting paper, I’ve made a printable for you to download and use.

Journaling PageThis is how you could use it.

The page is divided up into 4 different sized day’s/parts.
This makes it easier to know if you want to write loads or not so much.
You don’t have to write your day’s inorder. You can decide that nothing much happened on Monday so you could use the right top part, and put Tuesday on the left
If you feel like you can’t find words to write then draw a picture of how you felt that day.
Remember it’s your journaling page use it how you please.

The idea is to slowly get you into a habit of writing everyday.


Well for one, it’s good for you to get your feelings out. Bottled up feelings can give you headaches and stomach problems.
You can see a problem much clearer when it’s written down and out of your brain.

Remember Dumbledore from Harry Potter he took his thoughts out of his head to see them from a different perspective.

That’s what you’ll be doing, looking at your life from a different point of view.

Journaling is a nice thing to do on cold winter nights, or sitting out in the sun. It helps you look back on lovely days, or days where you have had a problem that you’ve solved.
To remind yourself that you have survived before and that you will survive this time around too 🙂 .

Another reason to journal is to use up those planners that we have stacked on our shelves. What better way of using those wonderful journals/ note books than to write our own personal story in them. You never know when you might need your written notes. For your next book maybe?

A problem shared is a problem halved. Share it with your journal.

Have a lovely day, happy journaling


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The habit of journaling — 5 Comments

  1. Yes! I love this post!
    Journaling always helps me to work through difficult emotions and gain perspective. There’s something quite magical about pouring out one’s feelings and thoughts without having to censor anything or be concerned about repercussions. Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂

  2. Journaling is a habit I haven’t been able to get into. I’m not sure why! I have a million excuses for not journaling regularly. HOWEVER…..In the last several weeks I have started and kept a daily meditation practice, so I think if I could do THAT, I could journal, especially if I don’t expect myself to write a LOT. If it’s okay to just write a little, then maybe it’s doable for me 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement and permission to not adhere to strict rules!

    • Hello Nina Dear,
      Just take one step at a time. Talk about your meditation practice in your journal right after you’ve done it. That will then become a micro habit. I wrote a post on piggybacking off a daily routine to implement another routine….post here
      Do let me know how you’re doing, once you’ve tried it out.

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