Step 2 of the 5 easy steps to planning

Step 2: Highlighting your to-dos

Hello Dear,

How are you doing on this fine day? I would like to jump right in and recap on last weeks blog post which was all about journaling and why we do this to help with our planning. You can find the blog post here….

Reasons why

The reason we should journal is to free up space in our minds so that we are able to find solutions to our problems. Also, it helps get all the crap out and onto the table (journal) to be able to look at things from a different angle different perspective. What’s the point of always going around the roundabout and not finding the way out?
More about journaling over here…..

Planning is a routine and a habit. Once you have formed a habit, it becomes a routine which then doesn’t feel like work at all, and so your ability to stick with it becomes way more natural.

Here are the 5 steps to planning

5 steps to planning

Step 2. Highlighting your to-dos

This is where you get to use your highlighter, you know the one you bought and don’t use as often as you would like. If you can’t find it I bet you’ll find that another family member has taken it offa your hands thinking you would never use it anyway. I used to find them in my daughter’s bedroom. Go have a look then come on over to the blog to read all about Step 2.

Go back over what you have written, just skim over it and all the to-do that you find in there you highlight. Things like:

  • I have to take Josh to the doctors this morning
  • Read memo before the meeting
  • I want chicken soup back on my menu
  • I want to finish reading Dan Browns new book
  • Dog to the vet
  • Business trip on Thursday
  • Don’t forget to remind dog walker about extra days

Just a few examples of what you’re looking for. While you go through don’t get too distracted by what you have written, don’t ask yourself questions to why you wrote this or that. That’s not on your list of to-dos, only skimming your journal we don’t want you to go through any of the emotions that you’ve put down. That’s for a different day.

Also if you find a spot that describes how you want to spend your day, highlight that also. How can you make your day go the way you want it to? Is there something in there that you can incorporate into your day?

I’m giving you these steps in easy bite size pieces because I want you to get into a routine, into a habit of journaling and highlighting. We don’t want to put extra jobs on your plate we want to take things off. I want to make life easier for you. It will become clear later when you see life changing.

Ok, I do hope you have a cool time journaling, highlighting, skimming over your writing to find your to-dos. next week we will go into the prioritising those to-dos.

Here are free journaling pages you can download to fun things up a little



Have a lovely week







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