Spending Summer Holidays At Home




We’re all going on a Summer Holiday,

No more working for a week or two.

Fun and laughter on a Summer Holiday

No more worries for me or you

For a week or two.

Hello Dears,

June is nearly over and it’s high time that we talked about our plans for the summer.

Let’s start thinking about what we want to do now.  About things that will save us stress when summer rolls in. Kids who are bored can make your life fell like hell.

(I know that in the US their holidays have already started but not here in Europe)

What are your plans for this summer? Are you staying home or travelling to some place hot (can you take me with you, please?)

Staying home?

Imagine this.

Your only 2 days into the holidays and you have screaming bored kids at your feet. Your wishing that school would just start already and can’t believe that you still have 6 weeks to go.

Or this.

You’re into the 2nd week of the holiday’s and they have gone by with nothing to show for it. Except that your house looks a mess, more than it does when you go to work every day. At this rate you will have nothing to tell your co-workers when you get back, and your exhausted.

Let’s change those thoughts

Let’s make a plan of how to go about making summer stress free and interesting.

The best way to do that is, with pen and paper.

Write down your thoughts to these questions.

  • How would you like this years summer holidays to go?
  • How would you like to feel this summer?
  • With whom do you want to spend your summer?
  • Do you want to spend most of your time in the house or on day trips?

Once you have asked yourself these questions ask your family members what they want to do. Your ideas might not be what they want.

You could ask around other families what they are doing. Your children could either have friends over for play dates or have other families accompany you on an outing.

Gather all information to what you would like to do in a mind map

Mind map

Add the ones your really want to do into your planner.

Now make a list of your activities.

On this list you will have the date, the time you all want to leave and the place you will be going to.

Hang a list of your activities some place for everyone to see, so there will be no complaining or asking you every 5 minutes.

Sending your children to family members

Why not plan for your children to visit family members. Children love to be at their Grandparents. There they are allowed to do things that you would never. You will be helping them build a relationships which will be useful for them in the future interacting with others.

Not just that you will be giving them a chance to grow wings, and get from under your feet. You will be learning to let go and so will your children. The sooner they learn this the more confidence they will be building.

If your siblings have children then you could swap. 2 week you have their kids and 2 weeks they have yours.

Even sending them to a child less aunt or uncle will be loads of fun. They still have energy to go on exciting adventures and show your children the world. Eating ice-cream while still in bed 😉

Most important this summer !!!!

Is to think about yourself. It is also your summer holidays so don’t forget that. Yes you want to be with your family, but remember you’re the one who has to go back to work soon and you need to recuperate.

Take time out. Send your kids to play outside while you read a book.  You are not a clown which means you don’t have to entertain your children 24/7. Children can play on their own for a long period of time.

If you need to work from home in the holidays

then set a business hours schedule hang it for all to see. Say from 8 -10am you have to work and no one is to disturb you. If you have older children this will be no problem they will be sleeping till 11am anyway. For younger children you will have to see what time fits you and your family best.

The more you plan before summer the less stress you will have

Over to you

What are you doing this summer staying home or travelling?

Please leave a comment below, you never know when you might be giving someone else a helping hand.

Ok dears, have a lovely summer.

Try to find time to journal and come visit out Facebook page when you have a moment to spare.








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  1. Love this. My summer has been so hectic and my work hours pretty sporadic (basically when ever I get some time away from the kiddos!), but I definitely want to put together all the things I want to do before summer ends!

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