Planning for Easter



Is just around the corner, and doesn’t time fly?

Would you say Easter is a time for the family? Or are you like me and you just want to run and hide from all the family stress?

Why do we celebrate Easter?

Before we go into all the planning stuff, let’s look at the reason behind why we are celebrating Easter.

Are you religious and that is your reason?

Or are you more into the family get together? This is the time families come together and spend time chatting, playing and well sometimes fighting.

So you have to have a strong enough reason why you want to do all the work to make Easter perfect. If the reason is strong enough, no matter how stressful getting things together becomes you will always hold on to that strong reason behind your actions.

Let’s get planning

Are you travelling to family members?

Travelling on holiday?

Staying at home with family coming over to stay?

Staying on your own?

What ever you are planning to do write it down on paper. It makes life much easier when you can see your plans on paper. You can swap and change things. Make lists of things you need to do or buy. When ever you write something down you are letting go of worry and stress. You might want to keep your notes for next year. This way you can always look back and see what went right or wrong. What did you really like and what not.

Then schedule your plans into your planner. Work backwards with your to-do list. Don’t do everything in the last minute. Fill your freeze now with the foods you need so you don’t have to go shopping when all the shops are crowded.

Staying on your own

Hubby and I love to stay on our own, this way we eliminate stress. We use this time to relax, watch Amazon prime or read on our Kindles. Sleep longer and go for walks with the dogs. Easter is blocked off in both our planners. This stops us both from working and gives us both me time. It also gives us hiding time hiding away from the world and work. We still have farm animals to take care of but that goes quicker on these days.

If you are single and on your own through out the holidays, then it’s very important for you to plan way in advance. What would you like to do? Who would you like to spend it with? I don’t want you to be there all sad and lonely when you could do something about it now, today. Don’t let these days creep up on you. They should be marked off in red with a post-it note 2 weeks before the holidays to remind you to do something, plan something.

Having people over for Easter,

is kinda stressful if not planned out. What is there to plan out? Well we can start with planning out your menu. What will you be eating while your family is staying? What would you like to have organised as activities so that their stay isn’t boring? Will they be staying in your house? Do you need extra bedding, beds or hotel?

Do you want your house to sparkle? Then head over to “Cleaning SchIedule” post where it explains about working backwards to get your place cleaned for the holidays.

If you have a plan like, menu done, shopping list written. Rooms set up, hotels booked. Activities sorted. Their stay gone through your head and written down on paper, what could go wrong?


It doesn’t matter if your visiting family or just having a wellness holiday, you should think about planning your trip. What do you want to take with you, what clothes, toiletries are you bringing gifts with you? Do you have to bring dessert? Write everything down that comes to mind in a list, you can cross things off as you work through it.

Are you driving? Have you checked your car, breaks, water and oil? What food do you need to take with you to eat in the car? Do you have plenty of water, books, music? Do you know where you are going?

Keep in mind

You need a big enough reason for any of these options. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of the things you do, then it is in your power to change them. If you plan way in advance then you eliminate most of your stress. Put the fun back into your life and only do things that you really want to do.

Oh, and the most important thing to remember, if things don’t go as planned. You could get all worked up and mad, but remember what went wrong for next year so you can change it. Or you could try being a better person than me and say “Oh well, never mind”  and still make the most of it.

German Easter

Way back when my kids were small and I a single mother, we used to have a friend come over to stay. We didn’t have to go and visit any family members and we never had stress.

Saturday before Easter we would colour hard boiled eggs with food colouring.

Then we would lay them out so that the Easter Bunny could come and get them and hide them in our living room.

The Sunday morning of Easter the Easter Bunny would have hidden the eggs them throughout our living room. If he was a nice bunny then he would also leave chocolate rabbits. My children like all Germany children love this game.

No one has an idea why the Easter Bunny hides them but who cares it’s fun.

In the evening we would walk to our Easter village bonfire and welcome in the spring and chase away the winter and dark days.

So now you know

What ever you are up to start planning today.

How are you spending Easter this year? Please do tell, remember you might be helping others with your comment.

Happy planning

Yours Susan




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