Outside office

A small tour of my outside office

Hello Dears,

I hope you had a lovely weekend, I know I did. The weather was perfect for an April weekend. A little on the cold side but the sun was out.

I was sick of working inside all day. No sun, no air. So I took a look at my many bags I have and I transformed one into a working bag.

I thought of everything that I could possibly want to have outside, with out this constant running inside to grab something.

Beach Chair


We bought this lovely beach chair to work in.

Well no, really we wanted something to shade us from preying eyes of the cars driving past our garden. It turned out to be this chair which I must say is the best thing I have bought this year. It protects me from wind and I can decide how much sun I want.

What I love about working outside is the peace that I have (apart from the odd car or tractor) . The birds are out singing their merry song. I spend time my dogs. I have fresh air. When I can’t sit and write any more I can just get up, put on my working gloves and pull a few weeds. And believe me we have loads.

In the short video

below I take you outside to show you the lovely view I have and into my work bag.



 Over to you

Do you have an outside work space? If you do please share photos or links to your photos

Have a lovely day

Happy planning



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