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Hello Dears,

I haven’t been around for a bit and it’s because I have been busy creating……. I was in a mastermind meeting not that long ago and I started to complain (like every year around this time) that I didn’t have next years calendar. How was I meant to start planning if I didn’t have them? The faces that looked back at me (over Skype) were like DUH….you haven’t made them yet!!!!

So today I have something very special to show you!!!!

Month’s on Two Pages

The thing that took the most time was not the creating side but the putting myself out there part. Yep! I had to have a few pep talks with friends and listen to Robbie Williams’s new song “I love my Life” and that’s what got me to push publish.

So enough about me time to take a look inside my planner and show you the Month on 2 pages. Doesn’t it look nice in a Filofax Finsbury? Don’t worry you don’t need a Filofax to hold these pages. They can be cut and stuck in your bullet journal, or printed them out as a booklet and trim them to fit your traveller’s notebook.

2017 Months on 2 pages , can be used as a forward planning for all bullet journals, or used in a traverler's notebook. Or in your Filofay

These pages have a Monday start.

I believe that you should take the weekend off to spend time with your loved ones and your work week ought to start on a Monday. But hey that’s only my opinion.

On the left-hand side, you have space to write your monthly goals. The goals that you would like to have done that month to move you forward to where you want to go.

2017 Months on 2 pages , can be used as a forward planning for all bullet journals, or used in a traverler's notebook. Or in your Filofay

Below that we have your Self-Care space. We need to remind ourselves to take care of ourselves more.

Here are some ideas of what you could write down:

  • Reading in the bath with a glass of red wine
  • Spending a day in town on your own
  • Getting your hair done
  • Having a massage
  • Date night with the girls or hubby
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • Sitting at a coffee shop with a good book or watching people go by

Then under the self-care, we have your monthly to-dos. Here you can write down your to-do’s to compleat your goal for that month. Do you have a paper that is due, a project that you’re working on? There is enough space to write down your bigger picture to-dos.

Ok, so let’s get into the main body of the Month.

I know it’s not easy to put your pen to a new set of cleanly printed pages, so this is what I do.

I go to my birthday month which is March and write ME on that date! You can find this picture over on Instagram.

There done, messed it up! So I can carry on messing it up by going back to January and writing or tapping off the school holidays. Then I write in important people birthday’s, the ones I want to remember or hubby has to remember. And not forgetting anniversaries.

Then I get into Me time by adding in my yoga classes, I’m not missing those, they are very important for my self-care.

2017 Months on 2 pages , can be used as a forward planning for all bullet journals, or used in a traverler's notebook. Or in your Filofay

Then I add in my working hours. School and home classes. After that, I add in my mastermind Skype calls for Tuesday mornings and Sunday evenings. I’ll be adding one more very soon, this will be My Project Planning mastermind group which is coming shortly to anyone who would like to take part. Keep your eyes open for that….

I don’t fill these pages with all of my appointments, they belong on my weekly pages. I like to use these as an overview of what’s going on that month. For example, if someone asks me if I have time on any given day to go out for a drink I can open my Filofax up and look to see if I have a birthday I might have to go or a date with someone else.

Project Planning

These pages can also be used for project planning. Say you want to have your kitchen redone, you would then look to see if you have time to get the job done (if you’re doing it yourself). Then you can plan out how long you think it will take, what jobs need to be done and when …

Let’s take studying or a deadline for your book. You write down when it’s due and work backwards to work out how many days you have to work on it. What days will you have to write more because of other obligations? This will help you see at one glance how many days you have for that project. Are there any appointments that will be in your way, stopping you from working on it? Also on the days you have loads to write you can tell friends and family that you will not be available on those days.

2017 Months on 2 pages , can be used as a forward planning for all bullet journals, or used in a traverler's notebook. Or in your Filofay

Those were only a few ideas of how you can use these pages, there are loads more. Oh nearly forgot the most important use for them now is to forward plan. Do you have doctors appointments now, write them down on these pages.

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Your turn

How would you use these pages? Can’t wait to hear your comment’s in the section below. If you have any questions then also write them in the comments below.

Happy planning


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Month on two Pages — 2 Comments

  1. I love the clean, professional look of these pages!! I use these as my Master Schedule. I put holidays, personal Appts. & then I schedule Client times, Master Mind Mtgs, etc. I usually don’t decorate or use stickers on these pages, more professional looking that way!! Stickers & decor go on my daily & weekly pages!! Thanks for creating these for us!! Thanks for pushing publish!! LOL!!

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