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Hello Dear,

Way back in the summer holidays I took my fear into my own hands and took the train and travelled on my own down to München. If you know me you know I’m good with travelling by car, having a bit of home with me but I’m not good at travelling anywhere on my own with out it. This changed when my daughter showed me that If she can fly to the US on her own, then I could do the same.

So here goes, my trip to München to meet the “weekview” team

My final days in München are upon me and I know that I will be taking loads back home with me.
I’m not talking about planners and stuff, but feelings and stories. Each person here has their own personal unique story, their own reasons for working for “weekview”

“It’s not about the money but the purpose, God reminds you of where you’ve come from and that the right thing to do would be to give back.”  W.

Nearly everyone working at “weekview” understands people who have fallen off the waggon and have taken some kind of substance. They can give you advice and the strength that you might need, the push you need to not give it up and to take one day at a time.

In every story that I heard, the main focus was on God! “He was the one who helped me fill up my need, fill up the hole that was inside of me.” G.

These special stories have opened my eyes a little further.

Letting me see the true purpose behind “weekview” which is to create jobs and feed people,  give them a purpose, a place to go to for uplifting talks. A place to hear Gods word. Also, they believe that people need to work. Work to keep their minds offa the bad, to have something to do with their hands.


It has been a pleasure a blessing to have met the weekview team. I’ve never met an honest heart warming bunch of open people, thrown together with one common purpose.
People who eat together grow together is what comes to mind. Eating lunch with them and then reading the Bible was something that I had never experienced before. There were interesting discussions after the reading lots of eye opening points of views.

“weekview” is all about giving people structure. Helping people to manage their goals. “Your main focus shouldn’t be your appointments but your projects, your goals.”  Yes, we all have places to be, but aren’t they just time fillers? Food for thought.


I see that much clearer now after being here for 4 days. I was the appointment orientated person and not the project orientated one.

“To have one larger project, a week is enough, remembering that you have loads of everyday things that come up in between.”C.

Choose that one project that will get you a step closer to where you want to go. After you have finished that one goal or project for that week, review your progress.  What was good what wasn’t so good, what would you do better the next time?



A few weeks have passed after I was sitting in München writing this post.

Looking back at my time there and how I have grown is amazing. For one I’m proud of myself for not messing up or freezing up. For taking on this new adventure and finding things along the way that I kinda enjoy.

I came back with new ideas, but couldn’t put them into practice right away because I got sick. I know it’s my body telling me to slow down and rest. It was an exciting time. People who know me know that my mind would love to travel around the world and be brave. But that little girl inside of me is still afraid to do so. So when she’s back home she says “long time away from your comforts zone girl, I’m gonna stop you for a while and make you sta home.”



But, I’m going back. I have the dates all written down in my planner and the travelling wasn’t as bad or as scary as I thought it would be.

So, girl, I’m going after my dream of freedom and travel.

I hope you are too.


I hope you have a lovely week.





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