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Hello Dears,

A few new things happening here on “planning your life out on paper”.

For one I have changed from a windows computer to a macbook. Plus I drove for 4 hours on my own to visit a complete stranger. What??? I know things are changing.

But let me start at the beginning

Changing computers.

Well I have always heard and seen others working well with MacBooks. I just never knew why I should pay sooo much money for a computer. Then watching webinars and other ladies saying, that “all you had to do was press this button on a Mac and then it’s done, but sorry I don’t know how to do it on a PC.” Great! Would drive me mad.

Then my computer started to show signs of not liking me. Wouldn’t always let me go on Skype when I wanted to. Or the worst thing ever, while on a call just die on me.

So one shopping Saturday hubby said his favourite tech shop words, “The next computer will be an Apple”. Normally I say no way, too expensive I don’t need it and give reasons why I don’t need one. But not this time. This time I went right to the Apple section to take a look. Long story short, I bought one.

They are, some what different to the PC’s and it’s not an easy task for a none tech person like me. But I’m getting there.

Second big leap

Me leaving home to Holland

Was driving to Holland on my own.

Never driven that far before and never to an other country. So for me this is an adventure. It was a scary one at first.

This is what I did to stop myself from being scared.

I have been watching Noah Elkrief  on YouTube and I know I am doing him no justice when I say that he told me not to think. If I didn’t think about driving down there and everything that could happen on the way, like getting lost and having no petrol and the list goes on and on and on (hear me singing 🙂 ) then I wouldn’t worry about it. Simple! Yep, too simple you may say. But It’s true. If you don’t think, you don’t worry.

You know I’m a worrier and a control freak and a planner addict right (Well no Susan we never knew that 😉 ) Hmm let me carry on.

Ok so all I had to do was not think about my trip.

I didn’t pack till the last minute. I didn’t even have a look at where I was going.

WHAT???? Yes, I know this was a first for me too. You must have seen hubby face when he asked me where my packed bags were. This was on a Sunday afternoon and I told him that I hadn’t packet yet. His eyes nearly fell out of his head. He thought I had chickened out. I think he was more scared of not having the house to himself for a few days.

I’m not going to lie, the not thinking about my trip didn’t work all the time. I did think about it. I told myself that it was only a 2 hour drive, so no problem at all, I could do that!

This not packing in advance it’s not for me. No, no. I’m going back to my system of pre-thinking a trip. knowing what I want to wear in different situations. I forgot to bring warm clothes I only packed summer clothes and no tooth brush. Crappy feeling.

The drive to Holland

THe drive to Hoööand


The morning of my departure hubby and I looked to see where I had to go. MY first panic was what the….4 hours away??? Hubby was like hmmm yes didn’t you know??? NO!

Remember Noah said not to think!!! Ok so no over thinking for me. Let’s see where I have to go…..What on a boat??? No way I’m staying home. I am no way going on a boat on my own with my car. (I know not really easy to read, but this is what I was thinking at the time)

No worries there ended up being a motorway leading all the way to Den Helder. What a relief.

The road trip

wood bridge holland


Before I really took off I drove to Lidle shopping for water and food for on the way. Made me feel better, you know food does that. Plus I didn’t want to starve if I got into a traffic jam.

I had my Kindle on listening to a story “The case of missing boyfriend” by Nick Alexander not a bad story even listening to it with a computer voice.

The drive was peaceful no real traffic. I nearly missed crossing the border into Holland. All the signs were in German and all of a sudden there was this welcome to Holland. I was like, what here already??? Thankfully they have made the signs just for people like me what miss the first welcome, they put up an other just so that you are sure.

That’s when I turned off my kindle and thought about this trip that I was on. About why I was doing it. That it was my very first time travelling for 4 hours on my very own and that to a foreign country. I did feel pride in having mastered this drive and that with out any stomach cramps, nervousness and the feeling of being sick. I had told my self that I had all the time in the world and if I missed a turning then there would be no problem. It was only me and my car no one would know.

Meeting Aya for the first time


Well I get to the door and there in the flesh is Aya my mastermind buddy smiling at me. Welcoming me in as if we do this every day. It’s different, kinda strange this internet friendships. You talk to a person every Monday. You get to know their worries and their accomplishments, you get to hear what they are working on. You have never really met this person and we’re friends. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a good feeling.

I feel as if we could do this meet up with all the members of our mastermind group and you wouldn’t have to explain who you are and what you do to them. Like real everyday friends.

Me and the light house in holland

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to have met Aya. A wonderful open hearted person, who opened her house to me. Oh and I really do have to tell you about here house. I walked in and said F***ing nora this house is beautiful. Tell you all about it an other time.



All in all

Up until then I was proud of myself for the drive, the new Macbook. Things have changed inside me and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Holland dune

Thank you Aya for letting me stay and for the coaching you gave me. That walks and the talks. I understand you a lot better and thank you again for opening my eyes and the teaching. Bull dog me!!

And to us all, it’s never too late to try out new things, to learn and to have fun.

On the beach holland

Would you like to join a Mastermind planning group?

I have a spot free just waiting for you. If you would like to join all you have to do is subscribe here then go to this page and read all about our lovely group.

Me and Aya in Holland

See you in the group.


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wasser rosen

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Master Mind Group — 9 Comments

  1. What an exciting adventure, Susan. Good job for stepping out of your comfort-zone. I’m part of a mastermind group and can’t wait to meet the ladies in person in January!

    • Erika,
      You will have loads of fun with your group, I just know you will.
      Yes, sometimes it scares me to move out of my zone but when I do I always come back with more, me.

  2. Wow! That really was some adventure. Actually I have never heard of a Mastermind Group, so that is something new that I’ll be learning. Thanks!

    Great story and great pictures! Looking forward to more…

    • Kathy, a mastermind group is where 2 or more people come together to exchange ideas, get feedback and where you get accountability.
      A group can help you grow and stay on track. I love my group wouldn’t miss it for the world. I have a group opening right now if you are interested???

  3. This is such a gorgeous story Susan – I love the way you told it. It is totally my nature to plan and think ahead (often to all the things that could go wrong too!). I’m going to check out this theory and see how I can live in the moment more, so thank you.

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