Keeping your planner clean

Keep your planner clean


Hello Dears,

Today we are going to talk about keeping your planner clean.

What does that mean? Do I have to wash my planner?

No I’m not talking about the outside, which is also important.

I mean who wants to carry a dog eared dirty planner around with them? I sure don’t.

What I’m talking about is the inside of your planner.

What pens are you using?


Frixion pens

Picture this, you have written down a night out with friends, a play date for your kids or your work schedule. All nice a neat with a biro. Then something comes up and the date or the time has to be changed. Now what?

With a biro you have to cross it out or use Tip-ex (white-out). Tip-ex is not always nice to write over.  A line through the date leaves no space to write another date in it’s place. We normally don’t leave it with just the one line through the date or time, we scribble it out. This makes it look kind of messy.

Why should I keep it clean?

Keeping it clean with out scribbling things out, means you can see what you have written down at a glance. It will also help you want to use your planner more because it’s clean and nice to use.

Also you can let others look inside, if you want to and don’t need to feel ashamed that it looks a mess. This is good if you have a customer looking over your shoulder. She will think “Oh isn’t she organised, I wish my planner looked as neat as hers does, she must be good” 🙂

What you could use instead

You could use a good old pencil with a rubber / eraser to do the correction. Or if you are like me and you love colour you could use pens that rub out.

My favourite pens are the Friction /Frixion pens. They have plenty of colours to choose from and also different sizes. I love the 0.5 the smaller point. You can write a lot neater and smaller which leaves room to write more.

If I make a mistake then all I have to do is rub it out, write over it, finished. My planner looks neat and tidy and organised.

frixion fine liners


Don’t write appointments all over the place.

I feel that an organised planner is an organised mind. No more missing appointments because you have crossed too many things out. Find the best way to organise your planner for you. OK so that didn’t help. This is what I do.

I like to write appointments that are in the morning at the top of the page. The lunchtime appointments in the middle and afternoon appointment after that. Evening at the bottom.

This means no more missing appointments because everything is clear and structured

Write down your appointments as soon as you get them

Don’t wait till you get home to write them down. Do it there and then. This way you know if you can make and keep the date or if you have to change it.

Now over to you

What pens do you use inside your planner? How do you keep your planner clean and structured?

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Happy planning

Yours Susan


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Keeping your planner clean — 2 Comments

  1. Okay, I’m going to try the Frixion pen. Being a lefty is a challenge because I can’t stand the smudge marks and I wish I could use a fountain pen (if I could just write from right to left!)

    • Hello Jayne,
      after trying the Frixion pens, would you come back and tell us how you feel about them.
      Would love to know if they are also good for lefties.
      Thanks in advance. 🙂

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