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Do you sometimes wish you could confide in someone and tell them the whole truth and nothing but the true? Tell them all about the dark and gloomy feelings we sometimes have, or last nights unrealistic dream?

Are you scared that if you do pick up the courage to tell someone, they will laugh at you and think you are crazy?  Or the worse thing ever not believe a word you say?

Do you have that special place to pour your heart out. A place to write down your hopes and dreams, your most crazy thoughts and feelings. A place to tell someone what wonderful things have happened to you that day. Or what is going to happen the following day that you are so excited about.

You can also write down all the new things that you have learned that day. What you have found useful in a book or in a lectures or even a YouTube videos. Using your journal this way will help you remember the information you have just heard, read, learnt.

Dear Diary,

This is how I used to start writing in my diary back in my teens. My Diary was a great place to pour my heart out. A lovely place to confide in a friend who only had my best interests. A friend who came with me on adventures, dreams, happiness and sadness. A friend who knew that travelling on my own for the first time, flying from Germany to England was the scariest thing I had ever done at the age of 18. It was the friend who holds all these memories for me with my plane ticket and receipts.

Journaling has helped me loads over the years.

It’s helped me overcome hardship, depression, divorce. It has been with me on my first love adventures. Flying high in love and on planes. Has experienced the birth of my two wonderful children and my now second marriage.

My journals have changed in size and colour over the years. From tiny pocket sized to A4 to A5 and now my favourites are the large Moleskine. I have kept them all in boxes with other little things I could never part with.

How to start journaling


Just pick a notebook or a sketch book. A book that looks good, and feels good to you.  This book can be any size or shape. Choose one that you know you would love to write in. You have to like it or you will not use it. It should be one that you can carry around the house or even in your handbag. Which doesn’t mean you have to carry it around with you all day and every day, you can, but it’s not a must.

Then take one of your favourite pens and start writing.

I like to use Frixion and staedler pens

What to write

That’s up to you. The first time putting pen to paper is not an easy task. Sitting in front of a new book can become over whelming. This is a normal feeling to have. You might have the feeling that you don’t want to mess this lovely new book up. You’re worried that the thoughts you are having right now don’t belong in a diary, but they do.

YOu might be thinking, who would want to read this? But that’s just it, no one is going  to read what’s in your diary it’s not for them it’s for you.

This book is yours, it an extension of your mind , it’s not for sharing.

If you are stuck on the first page then start off like I did with…..

Dear Diary,

I don’t know what to write. I feel kinda stupid putting pen to paper if I don’t know what I should write about……

Just carry on and wait and see where your thoughts lead you. Don’t stop even if you think your talking a load of crap, just keep writing.

Too simple?

Well yes, that’s just it, it is simple. The more you write the easier it gets. Don’t over complicate things, just write what ever comes to mind or what doesn’t come to mind. You can tell your journal about your day, how it went, how you felt.

How you feel is the most important thing to write in your journal.

  • How did you feel when your boss had a go at you?
  • How did you feel when you left your best friends house that night?
  • How do you feel if you have to go to a birthday you don’t feel like going to?
  • How would you feel if you changed your job
  • when your mother would stop calling you?
  • How happy and relieved you would feel if your mother in-law would stop criticising your every step.

You can have a conversation with yourself, a pro and contra conversation. What would your little angel think of this situation and what would your devil (of me it’s my angle and my witch)  Ask them what they think and work it out on paper.

You could have a guided journaling which is fun and get’s you to know yourself better.

Tell your dearest friend your journal everything

This is the one true friend who will not go off to the next best person and give away your secrets. Your diary will not judge you or laugh at you.

Some days you will be lucky and find that while writing you find your solution right there on the page in front of you. On others it may not have all the answers that you are looking for. What it will do is take a little load off your back. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. Other days you may just see things in another light.

There will be days where your handwriting will be unreadable. Your hand will not be as fast as your thoughts, you will be so excited to tell your good news. On another day your page might be smeared with your tears from joy or sadness.


There are no rules in journaling

All thoughts and feelings should be written down.

It is your journal you decide what goes inside. Make up your own rules. If you want to have one where all your sadness gets poured in, then do so. If you only write happy thoughts, then that is perfect. Combine the two.

You can use bad spelling, the worst punctuation ever. You can be like me where there are English words and then out pops a German one in there because I can’t find the English one.

You can write any time of day. Mornings, afternoons in the evening or even at night. When something good has happened and there is no one around to share, then write it in your journal.

You can also write anywhere you like. In bed, on the floor, while travelling. Or even while sitting on the loo (WC ) so your kids can’t find you. In a coffee shop or in the park.

You can write with a pencil or pen. Black or coloured. It’s up to you.

Different ways to journal

There isn’t just one way to write in a journal. There are many different ways, it’s doesn’t matter how you write inside as long as you write.

Art journaling, smash booking. Just find a way that suits you.


Your turn

Do you have a journal / diary? How many times a week do you write inside.

How do you use your journal? Do you art journal?

Leave a comment below you never know when you might be helping the next person.

Happy journaling


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