Is your planner all set up for 2017???

Hello Dears,

How you doing????

The last Diva party we had was great and all about holiday planning and how others spent their holidays. It wasn’t just about the day itself (Christmas day) but what they did running up to the holidays.

I asked loads of questions like I do and the last question I ask Was

Is your planner all set up for 2017 ????

I tell you I nearly had a heart attack !!!! Can you believe that they didn’t even lie to my face, no…they just came out and said No !!!! Their planners were not set up!!!!! HHHAAAA

I love my Divas they are so open and honest 🙂

Ok so let’s start setting your planner up

The first thing you need to do is have a planner, well yes, that’s like stating the obvious. There are different options out there, different layouts, different sizes, ones where you hold inserts or ready-made books, or planners you set up yourself call Bullet Journal. You’ll have to find the one that you think you can work with.

I like my new Filofax Malden personal size. It’s easy to fit into all of my work or private bags and it feels soo soft and just wonderful. It makes me feel special every time I take it out and use it. Plus it can house all my own planner pages (which you can find in the shop or on the toolbox page)

What do you need to set up your planner???

I like to have a yearly overview of the upcoming year, so 2017 you can find the Free planner page over in the Divas Toolbox 

This is good if you want to plan out your summer holidays, or if you want to see the bigger picture of say an upcoming project. My page also has school holidays marked off and kindergarten activities written on there before I had my 2017 inserts inside my planner.

Month on 2 pages

Is a place where I can plan out my month and have a look at a glance if I have anything important going on. I write down the birthdays, yoga, my mastermind groups (there is a new one coming up, but only if you’re on my email list sign up here) class’s I teach and parties I want to go to or shopping dates with friends. It’s my go to place when someone asks me If I have time. Mind you I don’t fill it up with my everyday stuff, there isn’t enough space for that and like I said I keep it as an overview. This is also a place where I can map out how long a project is going to take.

Next up my Week on 2 pages

Now, these pages I use for my real everyday planning. I go through write down all school holidays then the birthdays, my working hours (lessons I teach and the client call’s I have). But like I’ve said many times before the first thing I ever write in my planner, on my new pages, is my own birthday. That get’s me over this….I’m messing up my planner, problem….

There now, I have my planner all set up 2017

I can go and add in other planner pages if I wish. But really that’s the bulk of what you ought to have in your planner.

  • Yearly overview
  • Monthly overview
  • Week on 2 pages or week on 1 page
  • Day on a page if you need more space to write your appointment

You can find the other pages I like to add in the Shop or in the free Toolbox page

Once you have all your pages in your planner

or if you have a ready-made planner like the weekview planner (blog post about it here) you can go through your pages and setting it up with writing in

  • Holidays on your monthly and weekly or daily pages
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries on all above pages
  • Working hours (for about 2-3 months at a time if you have a fixed recurring working hours) this will make you feel super organised and will cut down your planning time on a Sunday
  • Town festivals that are planned out a year in advance (but only the ones you really want to go to)
  • Concert’s you have tickets for (I’m adding this in I’m going to see Robby Williams)
  • Parent teacher talks you might have booked this year for the upcoming year
  • Doctors appointment for check-ups

 Here a planner page that you can download and have ready to help you set up your planner








For any planner to work, it’s magic on you

You will have to use it!!!

Not forget it in your office or leave it in your bag for safe-keeping, or lose it in your car.

Keep it open when you’re working. Have a special place for it in your house where you can see it (maybe next to your phone)

Last but not least…. Carry it with you everywhere, with a pen 😉

I hope that helped you a little. If you do need more help with setting up your planner then just send me an email.

Happy planning Dear.




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Is your planner all set up for 2017??? — 2 Comments

  1. “…the first thing I ever write in my planner, on my new pages, is my own birthday.”
    I do this too. It’s permission or a signal that it’s OK to write in these perfectly clean pages. I have to confess that my 2017 pages were actually ready in October. The weeklies have a Sunday start. We’ll see how my brain handles that. All the best for the new year!

    • Happy New year Carla,
      I think having your planner set up in October, just perfect.
      I couldn’t this year because my own planner pages weren’t finished. This year is the first time that I am using my own planner pages in my Filofax carry around with me everywhere planner.
      Please let me know how the Sunday start works for you, I’m not sure I could work with that, but I’ve never tried it, so never say never.

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