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I was asked a question of how to use the Weekview quarterly planning pages over on YouTube. Well, I thought what a cool blog post and video idea this is ( video coming soon). There are so many different ways to use these pages and I’ll not be able to go through all of them, but I’ll share some of the ones that I feel are important with you here.

The first thing that comes to mind is tracking your goals. Well if you know me then you know that I love to think about goal setting. But most importantly… accomplishing those goals.

The other things that come to mind are tracking headaches, other illnesses, medicine tracker. Movement tracker, you’ll know what days you went for a walk/run/ bike ride.  How many steps you took on one day. Tracking your headaches so you can report back to your doctor.

Keeping track of kids grades so you don’t get a surprise at the end of the school year.  They are also good to keep track of challenges, things like my Journaling challenge was all planned out with these pages. A sketch a day challenge and all you do is just cross off what days you drew, or put a smiley face on it if you like that.

Bu,t for now let my take you through the…..

Goal setting process

Start with setting a good meaningful goal. A Goal that inspires you,  one where you know your why. Write down Why you to wanting to achieve this one specific goal. This will help you stick to your goal. I have a goal setting blog post here….

I set some fun goals for August with my mastermind buddy James and while I’m editing this I am on one of my set goals.

Ok so once you have your goal, it’s time to write that goal down.

Remember this is the most important step to take. Also, I think journaling why you want this goal is also important. If you write down your why you are most likely to stick to your plan. Take my August goal to go down and visit a friend in Nürnberg. My why was because I really want to go see how they live. Also to start living the life I want to live which is travel and still work with online clients. But most importantly….to get over my angst of train rides, and I mastered it. I’m here!!!!

The page below helps you divide up your goals into different categories. I have a review of the Weekview planner here….. and here

Then decide when you want to accomplish these goals into the monthly planning page.

weekview business (3)

 Overcoming the scary part of accomplishing the goal.

Picture yourself finishing the goal. How do you feel???  Write it down. Now picture the last step you took to finally putting the goal together. What was that step? Write it down.

What was the step you did before that, and that? Now you know what I’m getting at. Go through all the steps that you need to to get to your final day of happiness (finishing your goal).

The picture below will help you plug your steps into your planner.

So you have your goal accomplished date circled off in red. Add in the steps you will take and get done, up until your completion date.

As soon as you have finished a step you can colour the weekly box. This isn’t really important, but it does make finishing things fun to look at.

You see this page has a place to write your goal / step on the left-hand side. You will be tracking your progress on the right

Say you’re writing a book / a course.  You can write down how many words you want to write in a week or what chapters you want to finish.

On this page you see the quarter divided up into the 4 weeks of each month

weekview business (2)

This layout is the quarter divided up into the days and months

Now here you can really get into the tracking on a daily and weekly basis. How many words do you want to write in a day to get to your monthly goal?

  • Plan out your teams working days / hours. Keep track of when you need them to come in.
  • Do you have a project that needs to be worked on every day?
  • How many hours did you work on that project

Again you write down when your project is due then work backwards at what steps need to be done by when.

weekview business (4)

Now another way to use this page is to track your

  • water intake
  • migraines
  • stomach problems
  • other illnesses
  • tracking your hubbies work week so that you can complain about him being away for so long 😉
  • the hours you worked for a client
  • to work out a journaling challenge 😉 I used this page to track when I wanted to publish a challenge and what I needed to do before it went live

SO these were just some suggestions of how to use this page

Do you have more???

Please leave a comment below if I have forgotten anything or you need more info. Or with how you are using these pages.

Thanks for being here.

Happy planning


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