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Hello Dears,

Before we get into our guest post, I wanted to explain how I got to know James. You know with him living in Kenya and me in Germany.

I have known James since 2014 (I think it was Feburary, oh bummer I’m bad with dates) We started the Jack Canfield Coaching together and have been mastermind buddies ever since. Now I have been watching James grow his business every Monday on our Skype calls and he has been giving us great advice. We have made massive growth goals together with our other Mastermind buddies. I know that James will become the new Jack Canfield of Kenya with his motivational talks and classes. And one day I will get to see him live at one of his talks.

Now with no further interruptions from me,  let’s jump into his post…..


How can you tell you are ready for your big move to the next level?

Here are 5 telltale signs.

An idea that never goes away

You have been thinking about it for a long long long time. It’s this idea that never goes away.

You have tried to forget or ignore ‘it’ but –there it is.


You find yourself becoming impatient or restless at your workplace or business.

Impatient with the systems and how everybody seems to be ‘so slow’.

Restless and unsettled but you cannot tell the reason why – now you know.

Sign posts

Whenever you are approaching a town for example Nakuru, there are many sign posts, mile markers and bill boards indicating you are indeed approaching the flamingo town.

Similarly the sign posts may be all over – a book, someone tells/asks you something, in the news, someone you meet is doing or thinking of doing the same thing.

They are all around you.

An invitation

You receive an invitation to a seminar, course, meeting or a talk on a topic that can take you forward.

Or you happen to notice an advert or poster – ‘just like that’. One that is perfect for taking you where you want to be.

Mixed emotions

You need more money flowing in your life right now. You know that taking a bold step is what you must do to generate more money AND –

You experience a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from excitement, fear and confusion, back again to excitement – a bit like being on a first date with someone you really really like.

James Karundu is a speaker and author of 7 keys for Success Beyond Chance, Go For It and Stepping Stones for Top Achievers.

He the founder and CEO of PassionBiz Academy and teaches startups and service based entrepreneurs how to start or grow a high income business from your passion, brilliance and expertise.

PassionBiz academy offers a number of mentoring classes and workshops for startups and service providers including: Market With Confidence, Harness Your Brilliance and Write Your Book Now.

For information + FREE CD/DVD or a FREE one to one consultation or to subscribe to our FREE e –Newsletter  or FREE monthly talks and business training, send an email to: with subject line ‘I want to succeed’  

Thank you James soo much for your guest post talk to you on Monday

Now it’s your turn Dears

After reading these signs, tell me/ us, what is your next level?

What are you being called to do?

Have you come across any of these signs????

Do tell us in the comments below.

From James and me have a lovely week.


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