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Today I would like to show you something that I have been longing for, for some time now. It’s an editorial calendar where you can plan out your blog posts, writing projects, Youtube videos, business tasks, and social media posts.

As you know I’m a paper person and I like to plan everything out in detail. Like, say my Facebook posts. I love to sit down and write them all out for that month. Or my Tips Tuesdays, I like to know what topics I will be talking about. So I sit down and write an outline of what I want to write and share to my peeps on my email list. (Would you like to be on my list? Then just sign up here and be updated on what’s going on.)

If I have a drip campaign that I want to plan out, then I like to do that on paper. Why you say, when it’s easier on say, google calendar or Asana? Well, I’m more creative if I have a plan written out. It’s the pen in my hand and the empty page which lets my thoughts float out on paper and ideas just spill out. The teacher inside me would say that it helps both left and right side of my brain work together. Also, I can see the bigger picture, if what I have written down will work or not. It’s like say, the first draft and when I do write the blog post in the computer then other ideas come and I can edit what I have written.

Let’s have a look at the Editorial Calendar


This is the first page in the pack. This page can be used however you like. You can plan out:

  • An email drip campaign
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Weekly emails
  • Plan out your work projects
  • What chapters need to be written
  • School papers
  • What facts need to be looked up or added
  • YouTube videos
  • and more…..

It’s updated so you can write down the number of your drip or change the order any way you want to.

Monthly Overview


This is where you can put a date to your project.

  • When you want the drip campaign to start
  • How long the drip going to be.
  • Your paper’s deadline
  • When you’ll film, take photos
  • When your YouTube video is going live
  • When the blog post coming out
  • When you are going to sit down and write your book
  • When you’ll batch your writing, filming or taking photos

You can mark off with a highlighter or tape

to see over which period of time things will be running. You can colour code your different projects or that of your co-workers so you can have a full overview of what’s going on.

Coordinating these pages with your everyday calendar is important so that you don’t write down that you will be spending the whole day on writing when you have a parent-teacher meeting.

Project Planning page


Now this is the page that I love the most. This is where I get to write down my ideas. Write down things I shouldn’t forget, keeping my notes in one place. Planning out which Idea I will be working on when.

This is the page I use to keep my mastermind Dears up-to-date about the ideas I have and ask for feedback.

So there you go Dears, this is the editorial calendar.

Why is it different than others?

I don’t concentrate on the numbers of followers I have on social media. I want to get right down into the planning of the projects that I want to achieve. I want to be able to plan out my business in the park on sunny days. Take it with me to school when I have time to kill.

I want to see at a glance what I have to do for my business and when. I don’t want to have to put the computer on before I know the answer.

You can buy your Editorial Calendar here


Editorial Calendar

These pages can be printed out in A4 and hole punched on the shorter side to fit in your A5 planners or you use them in an A4 binder.

Over to you

Please tell us how you would use the Editorial Calendar? And if you have one already how you use it. Remember there is no wrong way to use these pages.

Happy planning


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Editorial Calendar — 2 Comments

  1. This is the best Editorial Calendar pack I have seen out there!! It is simple yet OH, SO useful!! I got fed up with all the “busy” ones on the market & just used a piece of paper!! This has exactly what I need a calendar for the dates & to schedule drips & such, the plan editorial calendar so I am not locked into a date, I don’t have to use a ton of sticky notes or have to erase stuff!!Perfect!! ‘The project planner is great too!! I like the 6 week format!!

    Thanks for listening to all of us & producing exactly what we need!!

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