The Planning Diva’s Toolbox

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The Planning Diva’s Toolbox

Here you will find Free printables to help you with your daily planning and journaling.

Remember Dear,

Knowing your WHY to what you want to achieve or do in life will help you to accomplish your dreams/wishes and goals.

The idea is to use these pages and not keep them empty in your planner 😉

If you ever need help with using any printables or need help with organising your day, then please do drop me a line @ let me help you master your planner and day.

A Word on printing: Please print the personal and A5 size planners as a booklet. All you have to do is download these pages and then go to your printer settings, click on booklet and print. Then cut them out and hole punch them to fit your planner.



Free Planning Printables



The 2018 Year on 2 pages for your personal size planner

How many of you have dates you need to add into your planners before the year has even started? I know I do. Doctors appointment, kindergarten teaching dates or sleepover, school teacher-parent meetings. The list goes on…

The 2018 year on 2 pages helps you keep an overview of the year. Start planning your summer holidays, or when your child will be home from school all you have to do is highlight the dates and stay on track.





Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar

The first thing I do to new planner pages is to write down my birthday and then to add other people I think are important enough to be remembered. Because I’m forgetful I really need these pages. I go over this list once a year to see who I want to keep on this list or cross off. You know people I don’t want to see any more.

It’s also very useful to have a birthday list for your children’s’ friends. This will make your life easier when forward planning. You can plan to buy presents or plan to have someone take your children to the party way in advance.




day on a page

Day on a page

Need a helping hand tracking your time? This 24 hour day on a page will help big time. 

This gives you the space you need to write more information about your appointments. Circling the time it will take to get to your appointment and back again will help you calculate your time much better. Others call it, time blocking. Setting an allocated amount of time and focusing only on the one appointment or one task. This also helps you to stop double booking yourself. You can also allocate to-do’s to a specific time of the day.








  • Immediate family list
  • Your kid’s school friends/ class list
  • Co-workers list
  • Closest Friends list
  • Emergency list







Keep your most used passwords handy

  • Remember to change them up,
  • Only write them in code so you can remember them.





Victory log


Victory Log

A victory log is something wonderful to have if you have problems remembering what you have done that day.

You know it’s the feeling “Oh bummer I haven’t done anything today” Well now you will be able to look back and see your wins of the day.

Journaling Printables

These journaling pages can be printed out in A4 size. Give yourself more space to write and let your emotions and ideas out on paper.


Journaling Questions yellow


Journaling Helper

Here are some journaling questions to get you starting the habit of journaling. Print this out and stick in in your journal. Ask yourself these questions every day.

Here’s a link to the post I did about the Habit Of Journaling





I'm Grateful for jpg



A little gratitude goes a long way. If you would like more positive things happening in your life, then start by being grateful for what you have. See the doors opening to more….

 Journaling page

Journaling page

 How to use this page

This page is divided up into 4 different sized day’s/parts. This leaves you the option of writing loads or just a few short lines.

You don’t have to write your day’s inorder. You can decide that nothing much happened on Monday so you could use the right top part, and put Tuesday on the left.

If you feel like you can’t find words to write then draw a picture of how you felt that day.
Remember it’s your journaling page use it how you please.


Need a new journaling page?

A place where you can write down all your thoughts and feelings.

If you print this out as a booklet and print about 5-10 pages you can then make your own journal




If you need ideas on what self-care you can add to this Printable go to Kirsten Rosetti blog post on self-care.








More cool planning pages over in the shop

Week on 2 pages with 1/2 hour segments from 5am to 9pm with a note section at the bottom. This insert also has a goal section and a to-do list section. When printed out as a booklet, this will give you a personal sized planner little larger than the Filofax inserts. €6,00When printed out in booklet, this will give you a personal sized planner, a little larger than the Filofax inserts. €6,00

2017 Months on 2 pages , can be used as a forward planning for all bullet journals, or used in a traverler's notebook. Or in your Filofax


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