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Hello Dears,

I’ve got something super cool to share with you today. For some time now, people on my email list have been able to join me for a get together to talk all about planners and how we use the one we have.

I call these get together’s

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As you know I love planning and I love planning with other people. While not having many planner addicts where I live I thought I would invite people who I knew were crazy about time management like I am. Where did I find these people??? Well here of cause, I found you!!!! Hmm, or you found me, whichever way you want to put it.

I know that planning on your own can get boring. So a group of women sat around my kitchen table felt like the right thing to do. The first party I did I had a Diva hat on, not for long mind because it was warm in my house I had the fireplace on. I had snacks and a bottle of bubbly. We had the best time ever. Having so much fun laughing that hubby came in to check to see what the hell was going on. No way was this a serious planning session. And believe me, Dear, these parties are far from boring.

No matter where I go or what I do, I love to have a laugh. I need to have fun or there is no point of me even starting.

Want to plan your month with Super Planning People??? Join us over Skype for Free Sign up on the blog

What goes on at a Diva Party?

I like I mentioned above, we all get together around my kitchen table. Over Skype mind you. This way I don’t have to clean the house or even have food and drink out. I’m one of the worst hostesses ever.

We all show each other what planner we are using at the moment. What pens we like to use in them. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the best of the best planner. It’s all about using what you have and making the most of them. So beginners are taken into our middle with open arms and guided through the jungle of the Planner World. We get to talk about all the planning problems we have and hope that I or someone in the group has a solution. On some of these parties, we even get to do some journaling. So bringing a pen and paper with you is important.

Topic I cover at a Diva Party

  • Yearly pages
  • Monthly pages
  • Weekly pages
  • Daily pages
  • Self-care pages
  • Goal setting pages
  • Brain dump pages
  • To-do lists
  • Others

I get right down and tell you how I use a certain planner page, then it’s your turn to tell us how you use yours. We then steal ideas from one another and then use these for ourselves.

What I don’t talk about is stickers and decorating your planner.

I’m sorry but that’s just not my thing. Which doesn’t mean that some of our lovely Diva’s don’t use stickers, the lovely Jae does and she is forgiven for doing so (hmmm really only joking here, there is nothing to forgive, just me messing with you).

Want to plan your month with Super Planning People??? Join us over Skype for Free Sign up on the blog

So how do you join one of these super cool Diva Parties???

First off you have to be on my email list. This way you will be informed when the next Diva party will be.

Our next Diva Party is on the 25th February 2017 at

  • 9 pm for CET
  • 8 pm for GMT
  • 3 pm EST
  • 2 pm CST

More info in an email

All you have to do is sign up below.

Can’t wait for you to join us in our next meet up


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Diva Planning Party — 14 Comments

  1. Well, Miss Diva of all things Planning…..You KNOW how I go in spurts, some stickers, no stickers, lots of stickers!! All depends on my mood!! LOL!! I can’t wait for the PARTY!!!! We have SO MUCH F*U*N!!!! I MAY just bring some stickers along!! LOL!!
    Hugzz ~ Jae

    • What I love about your stickers Jae, is that they don’t take up the whole page. You use yours wisely.
      Oh and please do bring your stickers, some of us still need to learn how to use them….hmmm…ME!!!

    • YAY Tami welcome to the Planning Divas.
      It’s loads of fun and man do I talk a lot and laugh way too much. Don’t worry the other do get a chance to talk also 😉

  2. What an interesting and unique idea. I love my planner spend a lot of time writing in it and planning my life as you put it. 🙂 Never thought there was a real method. Thank you for sharing.

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