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Hello Dears

Have you ever thought about making your life easier? I know I have, but have you had any success with it? We need to take things off our to-do list and give some jobs to others.

Today we are going to talk about cleaning out house. I know I know, I hate cleaning also, but It’s something we just have to do, right.

Over here at on Susan’s blog we like to do things easy peasy, getting rid of all the complicated.

But before we start we have to really think about why we want a clean house. That’s easy, it’s to have a clean living space so that others who come to visit believe that I have Superwoman powers and have everything under control.

Correct, 100 points for that answer. 😉

Now let’s really think about that answer for a moment. Are we really cleaning the house for others? Or are we cleaning so that we feel warm, comfortable, homely and at peace?

I used to be this Superwoman person, I wanted the house clean for others. I didn’t want others to judge or find things to complain about. I also did it because I didn’t want my hubby to believe that I was lazy.

The problem with the superwoman was that jobs that were close to my heart just weren’t being done, because I didn’t have time for them. My Superwoman problem started getting out of hand when I couldn’t sit and talk to my friends with a cup out of place or crumbs on the floor. Crazy, even crazier was when friends would open their door and say “Don’t look around I haven’t cleaned my house yet. Or hmmm don’t come now come later when my house is cleaned.” See how sick I was I even made my friends feel uncomfortable to let me in their house. But now I see things differently, and so things have changed.

How to make others believe that you are Superwoman but still have time to do the things you love

First step is to get family members to help. I know you won’t like me saying this but you don’t have to clean you house by your self. Other family members are meant to help you. Yes even the smaller ones, the much bigger 2 legged males, plus our 4 legged friends must play their part. It will not kill them to help. Children and pets are easier to train than men but this can be done, so don’t give up hope. (Don’t get mad at me for saying that) You can always say and tell them that they live in the same house as you do and have to pull their weight.

Give every family member a job to do


I always give away jobs that I hate doing, like taking the bin out. Hubby does that for me because it’s the route he takes. Kitchen, washroom, bin area, farm changing rooms.

Give everyone a job that they like doing, makes life much easier.

Get them to put away their dishes after every meal. No, no I don’t want to hear it, “But they can’t fill the dishwasher as good as I can.” If you want more time to do things that you love you will close your eyes and let them help.

Get them to put their dirty clothes in the washing basket.

Everyone has to clean up after themselves.

The sooner you get your members to help you, the better life your becomes. Always keep this in mind “if you don’t teach them, who will?”  If you start teaching your children at a young age, then it’s like a game to them. They see you do it and know it’s the right thing to do. But don’t expect men or children to do something that they haven’t seen you do. Be the perfect example and they will understand much better why they have to help you.

You could write a chores list so that members of you household know what job they have to do. This way you will not always have to remind them.

Now over to the big cleaning projects

Walk through you home and write down everything that has to be cleaned. Don’t worry this only has to be done once and never again.  Break these tasks down in to:

Every day

Once a week

Once every 2 weeks

Once a month

Once ever 6 months

Once every year.

Time to divide the tasks up and give them to family members. For the bigger tasks like washing the windows and curtains schedule them into your planner. Choose dates where you know that there are no other big things coming up. Don’t start washing windows on your birthday, you have other things to do on that day, like go to the spar.

Also have the bigger holidays in mind

If you want the house cleaned say for Easter. Take a look at when Easter is and work backwards. Say 2 weeks before Easter you want your windows cleaned and curtains washed, choose a day when you have time to do them. Don’t do everything in one day. There is no need if you plan in advance.

Every household is different and everyone has different needs

I can’t tell you when to change your sheets make your beds, wash your floors? I wouldn’t want others changing my cleaning routine.

But a cleaning routine I do have. Every thing in our house has a place to live. I remember Louise Hay saying that an item needs a place to live and when cleaning hold on to it, don’t let it go until it’s back in it’s home. (I can’t remember where I read it)

 Fly Lady can also help you with a cleaning routine if you have problem.

On my Pinterest  organisation, you will find loads of free cool printable’s  which will help you and save you time.

Making life easy

Why not get someone to come in and help you with the spring / winter cleaning? You have your list done, you know what needs cleaning and when it needs to be done by.

Let other people come and help you be the Superwoman that you are.

Over to you

Do you have a cleaning schedule? What does your schedule look like. Please do share you never know when you might be helping someone out.

On that note, happy planning

Yours Susan




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Cleaning Schedule — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Su! Happy Birthday and hope you are having a wonderful time! I struggle with clieaning EVERY-DAY. We are a family of 4. Me, my husband, my soon to be 3 years old little gir and my six month old baby girl. Besides, I have a dog, four cats, 3 puppies that were abandoned I’m trying to find a home (they were 6), cause I work on a wildlife centre (but we don’t have a physical space yet) and a neighbour’s dog that doesn’t stay in her home. So my house can get very chaotic. Last week I asked my husband that pleeeease lets all colaborate to have a clean house, not because of others, but because it’s healthier!! we have to little children and I’m sneezing all the time. I started by teaching my little girl to put away her toys before bed time and yesterday she wanted to learn how to fold sheets and every cloth she could fold. So we play a little bit with that. She also helps me feeding the animals. And I think I can also ask her to put her close where it should be (in the drawers if its clean or in the laundry basket if its dirty) but gosh… men are difficult!! I guess that I have to be more insistent.

    • Ah yes men, a topic all on it’s own.
      It’s so good to hear that you are teaching your daughter in a fun way to help you. This will save you stress in the long run.
      Good on you. You have loads of animals which is a full time job just taking care of them, I only have two and they are more than enough. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find homes for them soon.

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