Blocking off time

Blocking off time

Are you frustrated with planning because nothing seems to go the way you planned? Doesn’t matter what you do, or want to do, something always gets in between. There is always an unexpected visitor, husband or children who steel your time.

Emails and text messages that have to be read and sent. Phone calls with family members, best friends have problems that need to be solved, or work related problems.

The odd salesman who want’s to sell you something at the door or on the phone.

Day to day distractions like Facebook or Pinterest and twitter. At the end of the day you have no idea where time has run off too or what you have done all day.

Planning isn’t something that holds you back

Planning isn’t something that robs you of your freedom or restricts you, or hold you in chains. It is something liberating, it allows you to be efficient and effective. It can remove the stress in your life, if done correctly. It allows you to add fun things into your life, if you only let it.

Plan in the time that you need

To do the things that you want to do and need to do.

What I really would like you to do is plan in more time for yourself. Yes You. Without time for ourselves we burn on our last threads. I know we are not all into this self care thingy, but we should be. Plan in an hour for your self. Cool would be if you could do this every day. Ok, once a week will do as a start. But more on self care later.

We need to plan time in our day for the important book that we are writing. If you are not writing a book then to paint that picture we have been meaning to finish for years now.

Ok so if your not a painter and not a writer, it’s the every day normal things that we need to block time off for.

We need to block time off for our loved ones, hubby or children, other family members or friends. We need to block off time to do sports (Yoga for me on a Wednesday). We need to block off time to write our blog.

Get the work done that your boss would like finished by tomorrow. Block off time to have a Skype call with our Master Mind Group (on a Tuesday morning 6a.m for me).

We need time to work on our goals that we have written down. Let’s just say that we have broken the bigger goals down into smaller steps. We need time to complete these steps.

If we are running from one place to the next working on 3 different projects at the same time, how are we ever going to finish anything if it is all mixed into one. If we can not concentrate on one project for a solid amount of time. You don’t have to work on something for like 4 hours in one go. If you have a family then you know that isn’t possible all the time.

But let’s say we have a baby sitter in place, we have taken the dogs for a walk. Or family and friends know that we will not be available at a certain time, just imagine what we could get done in that time.

Believe me I do know it’s hard and it takes practise. and believe me when I say I am still working on my Blocking of time to write these blog posts. So I do know what I am talking about.  This blogging is new thing for me and I am giving myself time to add this wonderful new thing into my life. I am trying to stick to this new time I have allowed myself for peace to blog.

I’m not going to beat myself up if the time I have blocked off to blog doesn’t always work. My friends and family still have to get used to this new time that I am not availably. I am giving myself and others time to adjust to this new adventure.

It’s a new habit and new habits take time until they just become an every day habit.

My successful list of time blocked off

  • Lunch time nap
  • Date nights with hubby
  • Yoga
  • Holidays
  • Working in different schools
  • Teaching at home
  • Working with my Personal assistant on a Friday afternoons
  • Planning on a Sunday for an hour
  • Free time
  • Walking the dogs
  • Master Mind Skype meetings
  • Webinars
  • Coaching program
  • Reading emails

And my list goes on and on and on and…..(singing that song in my head)

Blocking off time

Why should we block off time? The reason we should do this is, which I have learned from Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy (Eat that frog) is to allocate ascertain times in the day to get things done. To spending more time on the things we are good at and love. To add in times to do admin stuff and planning for the jobs we are passionate about. Also very important, planning in and blocking off free days. Days we do things that have nothing to do with work.

Take a look at your planner for next month. What projects do you want to get done? Pick one and block off your best time to do that. Work out how long you think it will take to get done, pick a coloured pen and mark that time off in your planner. There done. Now you know that you will be working on that project and no one can stop you. If someone wants to meet you on that day you say “No I can’t I’m busy.” You don’t have to tell them what you are working on, you just don’t have time.

Examples of blocking off time

I’m going to take a very simple every day job that needs to be done. The washing, be it clothes or the dishes, doesn’t matter which. Let’s just say that if I wash my clothes on a Monday morning just before school, after school I hang them up, finished. Grate, I know that by Wednesday they are dry. SO I block off Wednesday from 3 – 3.30pm to take them down and put them away, while doing this boring job I listen to self help cd’s. So really this is my time I have blocked off tho listen to cd’s. I get two things done, growth for my brain and house work.

Next example is real work. Writing invoices. I know that my assistant comes twice a month on a Friday afternoon from 3-6 pm.  This time is blocked off in both our planners and nothing gets in our way of doing invoices and tax related things. We both do not take any phone calls in our time scheduled together. We get the work done. Finished. And way quicker than back in the day when I used to do it on my own.

Another example for you. Planning my week. Every Sunday with out fail I will sit down and plan out my week to come. I take a look in my planner my kitchen wall calendar. Then sit down together with hubby and see what he has planned for the week and add it to my planner and the kitchen planner. I then do my to-do list for the week and look at my goals to see if I could do anything to reach them. This takes about an hour to do, then I move on to plan my school lessons.

My Master Mind group on a Tuesday morning at 6am is another example of blocking off time. I take no phone calls other than the Skype call I’m on. Hubby knows not to come in, not to ask any questions.

If you have an office job, you could block off time to call people to make appointments. You could have a time where you have your staff meeting. Once a week say on a Monday afternoon for an hour.

Self care. Every lunch time I have a break. I lay down and sleep for 15 minutes. I don’t take phone calls from 1 – 2:30 pm that’s my Me time to tank up energy for the afternoon lessons.

Holding on to that time

It’s time to say No.

  • Can I come over to talk on…..?

No sorry I have to work….

  • Ring ring…

No, not now.

  • Mummy let me in….

No not now I’m working.

I used to say I’m good at multitasking, but I was kidding myself. I now know that I was good at doing 2 things at the same time but never really focusing or doing my best. I can’t do the house work and blog at the same time. I can’t watch Vampire Diaries and write this either.

If I want to give something my very best then I have to concentrate on 1 job at a time.

I also know that I can’t complain that my husband never talks to me when I read while we eat dinner. Or if don’t block off time to have a date night with him then I know I will go and take part in another webinar.

So you see blocking off time to do something doesn’t always have to be job related. You could block off special family time, or friend time. You already block off time to watch “Down Town Abby”. Block off time to have more fun in your life. Block off time to work on your goals. Have time to write in your diary. Record what your were able to do that day. Blocking off your time to do sports, hobbies or further education.

Over to you

Tell us what jobs and times you block off. Don’t forget your comment could be helping someone out there.

Happy planning

Yours Susan


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  1. I block my time but I’m not good at saying no – at least to my family. However, I’m getting pretty good at predicting the things that are likely to come up and keeping those in mind when I plan. But my schedule is so unpredictable that it’s hard to plan specific times to do things. I do better listing priorities and working on them in order, as I can.

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