Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

Sorry Sale is over but the bundle is still available

Hello Dears,

I got something really cool to tell you today. I will be having my very first Sale. I’m so excited to join in on the Black Friday sales. Yep, who doesn’t love a sale? I know I do. So here is mine. 🙂

Black Friday till Cyber Monday sale 


planner-bundle Sale

There are 2 sizes

You can choose between an A4/A5 planner insert or Personal size planner inserts.

Please remember they can also be used in your bullet journals or travellers notebooks. If you don’t have either then just print them out as a booklet and stitch or staple them together.

In this 2017 planner bundle, you will receive:

  • To-do lists
  • Week on 2 pages dated 2017
  • Month on 2 pages dated 2017
  • Day on 1 page
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Month on 1 page 2017
  • Yearly Calendar 2017
  • Self-Care idea page
  • Birthday Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Passwords

Normal price € 28,00 save €10

A4/A5 planner inserts

€18,00  €28,00

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Personal Size planner inserts

€18,00 €28,00

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Black Friday sale of planner bundle

I have a favour to ask you

I know this is kinda cheeky, but would you please share this page with your Peeps. I know there are people who might need these pages to help them with their planning, but they don’t know me yet 😉

Thank you, Dear,

have a lovely Day

Happy Planning


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