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Hello Dear,

Have you ever thought of becoming a planner minimalist? Well, I mean how about binning (ok just put aside) all your different coloured pens, paints and stickers. Only use one blue pen to write with.

Well, I mean how about binning (ok just putting aside) all your different coloured pens, paints and stickers and only using one blue pen to write with?

That’s it, nothing more.

No weather, no hydration cups to colour in, no moon phase, No stickers that take up way tooo much space and cost loads of money.

The only things that get written down in your planner are your appointments and to-dos.

Look, if your planner is way too busy with loads of stickers, how is the rest of your life not going to be the same way? An organised and clear planner leads to an organised and clear mind/life. 

Planning shouldn’t take too much of your time. It should be quick and easy and fun to do. If you go about it like “Ohhh what stickers fit this week? Oh no, I’ve run out of the bin bags stickers… I can’t plan” That’s just silly.

It should be, “Ok what’s going on next week? Right, we need a babysitter for Friday and I have to carpool on Monday and Tuesday, let me phone up Judy and tell her that I can take over the Wednesday drive if she takes over Friday for me.”

See, one glance and I know what’s going on.

But first things first. We have to think about why we want to plan in the first place? I hope your answer is that you want to have life run smoother and in your control? That you want to have more free time to do the things that you love????

This is how I help you with your planning

I take a look at you as a whole person, your hopes and dreams, your life’s rhythm. Who do you plan for and what jobs do you have to do? I take a look to see if you’re happy or if you want to change? Do you want to set goals and master them? I make you write it all out. Sometimes we have no idea what we really want. We have forgotten to dream, forgotten to grow. So I make sure your dreams all pour out onto the paper. Help you remember!!!

This is how I help plan out your days – weeks – months

  • I take a look at your needs first and only your needs 🙂
  • I look at your lifestyle, your wants and your to-dos.
  • Your hopes and your dreams.
  • I get you to write them down and explore more
  • I also look at your family situation
  • Do you have goals?
  • Have you added self-care into your weekly planning? If not we add that in
  • I then try and take out the stress factor giving you new ways of looking at things
  • Should a task be delegated? I say yes and help you say no!
  • Do routines need to be swapped around to suit sleeping patterns?
  • I help you find your planner rhythm, not mine!!!

Let’s take a look at your sleeping patterns for a bit.

Say you’re a morning person (unlike me) how can we get you to be more productive in the morning and do mundane things in the evening you know when all you want to do is sit and do nothing? The same thing with an evening person. Is there a way that you can stay in bed longer in the mornings and work in the evenings and nights?

Planning is not there to change you but to help you.

It’s there to help you carve out more freedom more peace.

I will also remind you to not get caught up in this planner world craziness. Remember a planner is a tool to help you not to make you go crazy only because you’re decorating the hell out of it, the way others are. So please, let’s just take this time to get back to basics, a minimalist way of thinking and not follow everything that’s out there. Please don’t fill up your planner with too many to-dos or appointment, celebrate your white space. White space in a planner means free time to sit out in the sun and relax.

So please, let’s just take this time to get back to basics, a minimalist way of thinking and not follow everything that’s out there. A minimalist bins things that are a waste of time, she bins everything that she can’t be bothered to do. If not doing a task doesn’t kill you or others, then leave it. IT’s your right to choose, you are the master of your planner and your time!

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do I need a planner?
  • What do I want to plan?
  • Who am I planning for?
  • How can planning help me stay organised?
  • How can I save time with the help of a planner
  • How will the planner help me not forget things?


Just a few question that can be answered below, can’t wait to see you below

Have fun





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Back to planning basics, Planner minimalist — 2 Comments

  1. Super blog post! I am at that point that I need to go back to basics. This helps.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hello Maria Dear,
      Thank you for the lovely comment. I’m glad you liked it. Please tell us what you are taking out of your planner and what your idea of going back to basic will look like.

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