A Planner is a tool !!!

Hello Dear

I’ve been kinda off sick with back pains for some weeks now. SO I’ve had time on my hands and nothing but watching Youtube to keep from screaming at myself. Well, the hours spent on YouTube watching all those lovely planner videos left me kinda worried.

My worries had something to do with the way people seem to think that a tool like a planner, be it a bullet journal or a Filofax, a Travellers notebook or a Hobonichi, that all these tools/planners were the reasons for their scheduling problems. All these planners were being used in a way that I really couldn’t see how they held up in a person’s very busy life. Some days I would be so frustrated by how people were planning or decorating their planners and then coming back a couple of weeks later to say that planner didn’t work for them. How could it? I screamed at my Mac!!! With all the stickers you’re using there is no space to plan!!!

Now, I might be wrong and I might be looking at this all the wrong way. BUT!!!!

A Planner is A Tool !!!

As you may or may not know I don’t bullet journal in the way others do or stick stickers all over my pages. What I do do is take some of the aspects of the Bullet Journal and use it in my growth journal or in my weekly planning pages in my Filofax Malden, I use coloured pens when there is one around which there always is.
I need to say this out loud!!! I’m a functional planner! I don’t have the time to draw out my days months or weeks. I want a planner that has dates, months, weeks all written out for a whole year ready for me to plan.
I love colour, I love art, and I love to look at other peoples Bullet Journals to switch off and just watch and maybe even find a cool idea.
But when I’m on the go, I want to have a place where I can write down the appointment that has just come in. I want it to go fast, I want to look to see what I have going on that month, or that day. I want to write it down once in my monthly, and on the day it’s going to happen. There done! Finished move on the other next part of my day. 

I see the Bullet Journal as a creative outlet which is a wonderful thing to have and use in your free time. But wait until you have way more things to do and start losing track of appointments. Now that’s no fun at all, that’s when all the stress starts creeping into your life. When you start to complain that your planner doesn’t work for you and boy, that’s so true, it can’t.

Seeing your planner as your Personal Assistant

Picture this….

You come into your office and say “Ok Dear what have we got going on today? Is there room for golf, or my art class that I want to take? Where are my kids today, football, volleyball or swimming? Will my husband be home or on a business trip? Do I have time this weekend to meet the girls? Am I flying off to Paris this week or next?”
Those are the questions (and many more) you can and would ask your personal assistant and she would look into your planner and have the answers for you.

Now if you don’t have a real personal assistant, start calling your planner your personal assistant which my Dear it really is and should be.

If, well-kept and up-to-date, your planner lets you know how busy or relaxed your day will be. She will also tell you if you have an opening to do the things that you really want to do, like go golfing or do your art class. She will also get your mind up to scratch set you on the right foot. She will tell you things like “Susan, you don’t have to teach today, how about you write your blog post in the park? Don’t forget you have a group call with Susan Ferraro. “ease-y money” on Thursday so move your Thursday afternoon meeting back 2 hours to give yourself more time to stay on the “ease-y” call for as long as it takes.”  That’s what my personal assistant tells me every day, (well she does use other appointments and things that I have to do but you get what I mean right?)

She’s here to tell you if you’ll you have an easy day of taking kids to school and then reading emails. Having to stop off at the shops for bog-roll and bread. Jumping into the office to see how things are going, having a Skype meeting with a new planner company.

By having a glance at your week or month you can see if you’re able to take time offa work. She will tell you when you can go and have fun with your friends and family because you have time to do so.

And you’ll see this sooo easily because there are no stickers in the way!!!


And that is the main point I’m trying bring across. You have to use your planner. You have to get to know it. Know where you can write down information that will help you organise your day. Not where you place your stickers and make the page look all pretty. I believe this sticker stuff is a trend and trends are not always there to help you.

I really believe that you can make any planner work for you if used.

If you take a look at these wonderful people who are showing us their planners and different styles of decorating them. If you have a closer look at what happens when life becomes busy, listen to what they’re saying, read between the lines. You will hear that pretty planning doesn’t help their life stay organised, they start to change the way they set up their planner. Or they have a real planner that we all don’t get to see.

Now what to do with information???

Easy, it’s up to you. You’re the master of your planner and your time. Watch the videos like I do, take out cool information and implement it into your life. If it doesn’t work then bin it. Don’t jump onto a trend because it’s there. If it practical and saves you time then use it. Does it add more stress or chaos? Bin it. Simple.

Remember, I’m talking about planning not memory keeping 😉

See ya,




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A Planner is a tool !!! — 4 Comments

  1. Amen, sister! You just summed up my love/hate with watching planning videos. I, too, have a functional planner, that I’m still figuring out how to make work the best for me, but my problem is being consistent with using it. Some days it just sits in my bag after work and I don’t look at it until morning, totally missing that I needed to wash that load of laundry that I needed for the next day (oops!). I, too, like looking at the pretty, but am thinking the same thing- there’s no room! How can you track anything on that. And once the day gets messy, the pretty goes out the window. Thanks for sharing this. I like knowing that I’m not the only one thinking this. 😀

  2. Stop “doing” productive and start “being” productive. ~time management ninja
    Spending hours decorating and writting lists won’t get it done. Being productive is life and it’s messing, so get up and get going. Scribble across that to do list, scratch things off, pack it everywhere. It’ll get wet, it’ll get dirty, it’ll get tore up but you will get to the end of the day with those things done.

  3. Cannot agree with you more. Went to Planner Con in SF, and it was a big disappointment for me. There was little to no functional in the planners I saw being carted around. People toting rolling bags full of markers, stickers, tape, etc. Not for me. My Filofax is my Personal Assistant. Loved your blog post.

  4. Exactly! The other mystifying thing is people’s fascination with binders, changing binders constantly, as if that is the most important part of the planner.

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