Your ideal morning, what would that look like?

If you had one morning all to yourself, what would you do?


Do you feel stressed out and have way too much on your plate? Do you feel that no matter how many times you talk to your family and friends there is no suitable solution out of the stressfulness (is that even a word)?

Well my dear, I believe it’s time to take out that journal. Start writing some thoughts down on what is happening to you right now. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved. So get writing.

“Susan, what are you talking about?”

Well I’m talking about changing the way you look at your situation. If you get all the anger, frustration and worry out of your system by writing it down, you get to see things from another perspective. You have the option to say “Right I don’t want this any more. I want something different!”  Which makes room for other thoughts of how you would like things to change.

This small question of what you would like to do on your morning off, can lead you to new and exciting ideas or places. This can help you to live in the moment and start to enjoy your free time a lot better. It will also take out some stressful moments in your life, because when you implement your ideal morning you will feel more relaxed, calm and energized for the rest of the days to come.

What would your answer be to that question?

Would you clean up your house, or sit outside and read a book?

Would you do some extra work that you have taken home with you, or would you just go for a walk?

Would you go grocery shopping, or relax in a coffee shop?

I do hope you are always taking the second half of the suggestions. I know the saying is we only live once, but we do. What’s the point of being all stressed out? What good are we to ourselves or others if we are stressed?

What ever your answer will be you always have a choice

Why not choose YOU!

Why not relax take out that book and just sit and read. What is stopping you?

Your house will still be a mess when you get back. Your work will not run away and get done on it’s own (shame really). Does it really need to be done right now, on your free morning?

If the sun is out then go out, enjoy it.

You will come back a new and relaxed person. You might even get the job done in less time than it would have taken you if you hadn’t chosen YOU.

Journal your ideas

Take out your journal / diary and start like this:

If I had a morning all to myself I would spend it……..

Go though loads of dreamy ideas of what you would do. Keep writing until your ideas are all down on paper.

Then pick an one easy dream.

Find a morning in you planner and schedule in that me time.

I know I hear you, you don’t have a morning off. How about we just start slowly, take an hour off and see how that goes then once you have gotten used to that move it up a bit.

Let’s talk in the comments blow of what would your dreamy morning look like

Always remember your comments might help the next person

You can always come over to our Facebook group and talk there if you like.


Happy Journaling


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