A Journaling Challenge you just have to take part in

Journaling Challenge

Hello Dears,

I have something special for you today, a 7 day journaling challenge, YAY!!!!

Imagine your day ending like this.

You’re laying under your soft warm covers pulled up to under your chin, keeping out the night’s chill.
You let your mind wonder, pondering over your day.
You have this underlining feeling that something is missing, you can’t quite pin point it.

You ask yourself, do you want to through another day doing the same old same old?

Of course the answer is NO.

But you don’t know what to do to change it, or what you really want in life. As a child you knew exactly what you wanted to become, but now you have no real clue.

The next morning  you come here (like you do because you love me 😉 ) and find your answer . It’s in this blog post telling you all about my 7 day journaling challenge!!!

You are so excited to do this challenge because this will start helping you think about your life. You will go over the things you like and don’t like, freeing your mind to wonder in a different direction to exploring your true feelings.

Quick tip

Don’t do this challenge on your own.

No get your BFF to sign up and do it with you. This way you can both talk about your dreams, want’s and wishes over a glass of red wine helping each other to dream bigger.
Imagine talking on the phone to her asking what she wrote in todays challenge. Finally having something more to talk about than just your children or your partner 🙂

Starting next Monday 2 November

Spice up your autumn week.

As soon as you sign up you will receive a welcome email telling you all you need for this challenge.

Sign up here for your 7 day Journaling Challenge
Happy journaling

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